New GTA 6 Leaks: Era Confirmed & Improved AI

After years of rumors and gossip, GTA 6 has finally been confirmed to soon be officially unveiled. Unfortunately, hackers have accessed Take-Two servers and released significant amounts of in-development content without authorization.

Leaked details provided information regarding the game’s plot, such as its introduction of Luccia as its female protagonist. Furthermore, it showed that Vice City could serve as a replacement for Miami in terms of setting during its 1990s setting – giving fans of the series an extra nostalgic element to enjoy in playing through it again.

Rumor has it that the game will tell the tale of two protagonists, Jason and Lucia, embarking on a “Bonnie & Clyde”-esque adventure. Leaks from within the franchise have created great anticipation among fans eagerly anticipating its official release.

Cigarette’s Price & GTA 6

GTA 6, one of the most anticipated games of 2018, may take place between the late 90s and early 2000s instead of taking place today as previously expected.

This revelation came via the Twitter account GTA6posts which shared clips from development highlighting the price of cigarettes which is set at $4.10.

gta 6

Though not confirmed, this rumor echoes previous rumors that GTA VI could feature long sessions set in the past and possibly Vice City. There may also be parts of its campaign set in the present day; fans will need to decide if they accept such a change from what was established with GTA 5.

It’s also possible that its storyline may feature time gaps between past and present; an approach commonly found in stories of revenge.

Improve AI Update in GTA 6

A leaked video on Twitter seems to demonstrate an enhancement in the AI behavior of police officers in GTA 6.

A 51-second clip depicting one such cop wearing a Vice City uniform using a Service Carbine to fire at Lucia from different angles is shown; their behavior changes depending on the distance from an enemy as they crouch, kneel, and crouch again before standing back up again. They’re also trying to hide as they approach Lucia before returning back to normal posture once safe.

If the video is indeed from GTA 6, it suggests an impressive improvement to the game’s artificial intelligence behavior, offering great hope to fans of the franchise. Additional details about GTA 6 should become clear over time, and we will continue to keep our readers up-to-date.

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