New Guilty Gear Strive Tier List 2023

The newest addition to the Guilty Gear family, Guilty Gear Strive tier list, brings a whole lot of exciting and fresh gameplay elements to the table. With these updates, even newcomers to the series can quickly get the hang of it. Featuring 21 awesome characters, each with their distinct playstyle, there’s a lot to discover and enjoy.

Get ready to dive in and uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each character in this thrilling Guilty Gear Strive adventure! 

Tier RankCharacters
SHappy Chaos, Jack-O, May, Ramlethal, Sol
ABaiken, Bridget, Chipp, Giovanna, Nagoriyuki, Zato-1
BAxl, Goldlewis, I-no, Ky, Millia,Testament
CAnji, Faust, Potemkin, Leo, Sin

S-Tier Guilty Gear Strive Superstars

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List

Happy Chaos (Sharpshooter)

Happy Chaos dominates battles with fierce attacks and wicked magical combos, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Although his pistol has limited ammo and he’s less effective when out of focus, Happy Chaos can use his shooting stances, At the Ready and Steady Aim, to keep opponents on their toes.

These stances are super powerful and can push enemies into a corner, leaving them open to swift aerial or ground assaults. This makes him a S-tier character of this Guilty Gear Strive Tier List.

Jack-O (Tactician)

Jack-O’ may have weak defenses, but her strategic skills are top-notch.

She can summon servants to join her in battle, creating awesome combos and building momentum. With three servants by her side, she can switch forms and attack with precision, making her a formidable adversary.

May (All-Rounder)

May’s easy-to-learn moves make her perfect for beginners, but she can also pack a punch with her combos. While her speed and range could use some improvement, May excels in both ground and mid-air attacks.

Opponents will have a hard time blocking and predicting her moves, keeping them guessing every step of the way.

Ramlethal Valentine (Blademaster)

Ramlethal’s swift and far-reaching attacks set her up for even more powerful combos. Her expertise with the sword makes her a deadly foe, but she’s also vulnerable to counters due to her lack of long-range moves.

Even so, Ramlethal’s sword slashes are relentless, dealing damage even when blocked, making her a popular pick in esports events.

Sol Badguy (Versatile Warrior)

As the game’s protagonist, Sol Badguy boasts great mobility and a diverse set of moves that offer numerous strategic options. His simple combos and basic moves might seem weak and slow to newcomers, but they can deal massive damage.

Master Sol’s fighting style, and you can unleash a 30-hit combo that leads to an Overdrive, knocking out opponents with ease.

A-Tier Guilty Gear Strive All-Stars


Baiken, a skilled Japanese swordswoman, loves to dive into battle and turn her opponent’s strength against them. Her aggressive katana-wielding style works well at any distance, allowing her to dominate enemies. With her strong offense and formidable defense that can parry countless attacks, Baiken is a lethal force to be reckoned with.

Bridget (Balanced)

Unconventional and intriguing, Bridget is a fighter worth exploring. With a unique set of projectiles and hammering attacks, Bridget’s toolkit enables a variety of combos, keeping opponents guessing. However, Bridget might struggle against S-tier characters of this Guilty Gear Strive Tier List.

Chipp Zanuff (Speedster)

Chipp’s lightning-fast moves can leave enemies dizzy and confused. His wall-running and mixup abilities make him a speedy force, but his low defense can be a risky tradeoff. If you enjoy high-speed characters like Spider-Man from Marvel vs. Capcom,

Chipp might be your guy! He can make enemies feel vulnerable and unleash combos from different angles, making him super fun to play.

Giovanna (Rushdown)

Giovanna’s midrange focus and lack of meter-dependent offense make her susceptible against foes with better range.

Her strings and mix-ups can be tricky to handle, but if her opponent can withstand her attacks, she might struggle. Despite this, Giovanna’s speed, pressure, and defensive capabilities make her an aggressive force. Her combos rely on quickness and evasion, keeping opponents on their toes.

Nagoriyuki (Powerhouse)

A powerful fighter with supernatural vampire skills, Nagoriyuki’s massive katana provides an impressive range advantage.

Though he lacks technical moves, his ferocity more than makes up for it. His attacks can drain HP, and he’s fast on his feet, making him hard to evade and a force to be reckoned with.

Zato=1 (Technician)

Zato, a shadow-wielding fighter, can apply pressure through seemingly unavoidable attacks. However, his weak defense can be a problem for inexperienced players. Despite his defensive shortcomings,

Zato excels in technical fighting, with unpredictable moves and sudden reversals. Creative players can craft unique combos with Zato, quickly whittling down an enemy’s health bar.

Get ready to unleash your inner fighter with these A-Tier Guilty Gear Strive tier list characters and show the world what you’re made of!

B-Tier Guilty Gear Strive Fighters

Axl Low (Long Range)

A time-traveling 20th-century warrior, Axl excels in long-range combat, keeping enemies at bay from a safe distance. His close-range moves help with self-defense, but Axl’s lack of protection from long-range threats puts him at a disadvantage. His long-range attacks can be impressive, but his combos are often predictable and easily blocked, landing him in the B-tier.

Goldlewis Dickinson (Powerhouse)

Goldlewis boasts remarkable strength and vitality, but his defense falls short compared to other heavy fighters. His 16-move arsenal offers devastating offense, but his control-oriented playstyle can be predictable. As a result, Goldlewis secures a spot in the B-tier.

I-no (Rushdown)

Armed with a killer guitar combo, I-no can tear through defenses. Her hover dash provides great mobility and mixup potential, but her limited defense leaves her vulnerable. Struggling with approaching opponents and lacking quick reversals, I-no compensates with a mix of grappling and high-low attacks that momentarily stun foes. Her weaknesses place her in the B-tier of this Guilty Gear Strive Tier List.

Ky (Balanced)

Ky’s average mobility is balanced by a versatile toolkit, featuring mix-ups, chains, and attacks across multiple ranges. However, his predictable moves can be easily read and countered, especially by long-range fighters, landing him in the B-tier.

Millia (High Speed)

A silent female fighter with hair-transforming powers, Millia’s lightning-fast attacks can catch opponents off guard. Though her moveset may lack technical options, players who put in the effort will uncover her potential. Millia’s speed can sometimes be hard to control, but her defensive counters help compensate for this weakness, making her a B-tier character of Guilty Gear Strive Tier List.

Testament (Balanced)

Wielding a massive scythe, Testament excels in close to mid-range combat. Players must carefully choose their approach due to Testament’s extensive range. However, her combos mostly rely on reversals or full charge, making her moves sluggish and susceptible to counterattacks and punishment, securing her spot in the B-tie

C-Tier Guilty Gear Strive Fighters

Anji Mito (Balanced)

For a fairly balanced character, Anji is a decent choice. However, his reliance on countering opponents’ moves can be a double-edged sword, as his slow movements can be easily predicted by skilled players. Anji’s graceful follow-ups may not be enough to save him from being countered, which lands him in the C-tier.

Faust (Unique)

Faust’s unpredictable nature and random item throws add a fun twist to battles. However, this randomness can hinder players who rely on longer combos and strategize mid-attack. The unpredictability factor places Faust in the C-tier.

Potemkin (Power Throw)

Potemkin’s arsenal of throws can be a nightmare for speedy opponents, grabbing and defeating them with ease. While his power and offense are impressive, his limited mobility makes him difficult to control. His grappling moves are often telegraphed, and his short combos are easily countered, putting him in the C-tier of Guilty Gear Strive Tier List.

Leo Whitefang (Balanced)

Leo offers a mix of burst damage and solid defense. However, his slower attack speed compared to his peers can be a disadvantage. Although he seems prideful and powerful initially, Leo’s slow engagement in attacks can hold him back. His combos may only start after taking significant damage, which is a considerable setback in the long run, placing him in the C-tier.

These C-Tier Guilty Gear Strive tier list characters provide unique playstyles and challenges for players looking to explore unconventional tactics and fighters.

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