New Saints Row 3 Cheats | Updated 2023

Saints Row is an outrageous open-world action franchise that features performing bizarre actions. And with remarkable powers (including, of course, wielding dildo bats). In Saints Row the Third, players can unlock abilities that allow them to sprint endlessly, reload firearms immediately and survive explosions unscathed. Unfortunately, this game lacks some of Saints Row 4’s more extreme superpowers like telekinesis and super jumping, but with these Saints Row 3 cheats you can still feel omnipotent!

Saints Row the Third cheats give you access to weapons and vehicles, as well as some of the game’s primary mechanics. Furthermore, you can change the weather, gain instant gang notoriety or turn all pedestrians into zombies with ease!

These Saints Row 3 cheats are compatible with both the original game and Saints Row the Third Remastered. Here’s a guide on how to use them and the essential codes you need to know.

Using Saints Row 3 Cheats

To use cheat codes in Saints Row the Third, just follow these simple steps. Press either Tab on your keyboard or the Back button on your Xbox controller to access your in-game cell phone. Then navigate to the Extras menu and choose Cheats; there is a dedicated section just for cheats here!

Saints Row 3 Cheats

Once in the Cheats menu, select Add Cheats. Type one of the cheat codes provided below and click Accept to add it to your collection. Congratulations! Your cheat has now been successfully added!

Saints Row 3 Remastered Cheat Codes

Become the king of Saints Row with these cheats for Saints Row: The Third. And yes, they do work in the remastered version.

Cheat codeEffectCheat type
cheeseGet $100,000Ability/item cheat
letsrockGet all weaponsAbility/item cheat
lolzGang notoriety +1Ability/item cheat
oopsRemove gang notorietyAbility/item cheat
pissoffpigsPolice notoriety +1Ability/item cheat
goodygoodyRemove police notorietyAbility/item cheat
whatitmeanstomeGain respectAbility/item cheat
goldengunOne-hit killsAbility/item cheat
runfastGain infinite sprintAbility/item cheat
repaircarFix carAbility/item cheat
vroomYour vehicle is invulnerableAbility/item cheat
isquishyouYour vehicle crushes othersAbility/item cheat
notratedEveryone killed explodes into a bloody messWorld cheat
fryholeDead bodies float into the airWorld cheat
brainsZombie pedestriansWorld cheat
duiDrunk pedestriansWorld cheat
mascotMascot pedestriansWorld cheat
hohoho‘Pimp and ho’ pedestriansWorld cheat
clearskiesSunny weatherWorld cheat
overcastCloudy weatherWorld cheat
lightrainRainy weatherWorld cheat
heavyrainHeavy rainy weatherWorld cheat
givesheperdGet 45 ShepherdWeapon
giveapocaGet ApocafistsWeapon
givear55Get AR 55Weapon
giveultimaxGet AS3 UltimaxWeapon
givebaseballGet baseball batWeapon
givechainsawGet chainsawWeapon
givecyberGet Cyber BusterWeapon
givecybersmgGet Cyber BlasterWeapon
giveblossomGet D4TH BlossomWeapon
giveelectricGet electric grenadeWeapon
giveflamethrowerGet flamethrowerWeapon
giveflashbangGet flash bangWeapon
givelauncherGet GL G20 Grenade LauncherWeapon
givediggerGet Grave DiggerWeapon
givegrenadeGet grenadeWeapon
givekrukovGet K-8 KrukovWeapon
givekobraGet KA-1 KobraWeapon
givesniperGet McManus 2015Weapon
giveminigunGet MinigunWeapon
givemolotovGet molotovWeapon
giveswordGet NocturneWeapon
givercgunGet RC PossessorWeapon
givedroneGet Reaper DroneWeapon
giverpgGet RPGWeapon
givehammerGet S3X HammerWeapon
giveairstrikeGet SA-3 AirstrikeWeapon
givesatchelGet satchel chargeWeapon
giverocketGet Shock HammerWeapon
givesonicGet Sonic BoomWeapon
givestungunGet stun gunWeapon
givetekGet TEK Z-10Weapon
givedildoGet The PerpetratorWeapon
giveslm8Get Viper Laser RifleWeapon
giveambulanceSpawn ambulanceVehicle
giveanchorSpawn AnchorVehicle
giveattrazioneSpawn AttrazioneVehicle
givebootleggerSpawn BootleggerVehicle
givechallengerSpawn ChallengerVehicle
givecommanderSpawn CommanderVehicle
givecondorSpawn CondorVehicle
giveeagleSpawn EagleVehicle
giveestradaSpawn EstradaVehicle
givevtolSpawn F69 VtolVehicle
givegatmobileSpawn GatmobileVehicle
givekanedaSpawn KanedaVehicle
givekenshinSpawn KenshinVehicle
giveknoxvilleSpawn KnoxvilleVehicle
givekrukovSpawn KrukovVehicle
givemiamiSpawn MiamiVehicle
givemunicipalSpawn MunicipalVehicle
givenforcerSpawn NforcerVehicle
givepeacemakerSpawn PeacemakerVehicle
givephoenixSpawn PhoenixVehicle

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