No Son of Mine: An Indie Horror Hit

“No Son of Mine”, created by Maciej Radwanski and published by Pleasantly Friendly Games, is an exciting survival horror game. It promises to keep players on the edge of their seats. As players explore a grim mystery, they must use cutting-edge technology to stay alive. While also facing off against an intelligent and deadly enemy.

We will discuss the No Son of Mine’s release date, trailer, gameplay, story arc, replayability, and verdict here in our review of No Son of Mine.

No Son of Mine will make its grand debut in 2023. And bring with it its dark and chilling world into gaming circles. Fans of survival horror are eagerly awaiting its arrival to experience its unique blend of combat, stealth, exploration, and puzzle-solving features.

No Son of Mine

No Son of Mine Trailer

The official trailer of “No Son of Mine” transports players directly into its haunting atmosphere. Boasting an evocative score and heart-stopping visuals. The trailer hints at the game’s intense and unpredictable nature – setting the stage for an engaging gaming experience.


“No Son of Mine” provides players with a diverse experience that blends combat, stealth, exploration, and puzzle-solving elements. Utilizing their powerful “CB 9000” along with other useful tools. They will face off against an unscrupulous enemy. Paying close attention to their surroundings. Using in-game mechanics for early warnings before outwitting an intelligent yet unpredictable foe is key to victory!


Players will be challenged with unraveling the grim mystery at the core of “No Son of Mine”. While exploring its world, players must confront an enigmatic yet cruel “Boy,” an intelligent but deadly stalker that terrorizes them throughout their journey.

While initially appearing to be their primary foe, players will discover more about this character than first meets the eye and uncover hidden secrets and shocking revelations along the way.

Is No Son of Mine Replayable?

“No Son of Mine” provides an exhilarating and engaging experience, yet its replayability remains to be determined.

With its unpredictable enemies and emphasis on mastering mechanics, “No Son of Mine” could present players with new challenges each time they pick up the game; but once its secrets have been revealed it remains uncertain if “No Son of Mine” can retain its same level of intrigue and excitement.


“No Son of Mine” is an exciting and atmospheric survival horror game, living up to its promise of providing an unnerving and terrifying experience. With an intriguing blend of gameplay elements combined with an engaging story, “No Son of Mine” creates an engrossing and immersive atmosphere that keeps players guessing until the very end. Although its replayability remains uncertain, “No Son of Mine” should still be played for fans of the survival horror genre.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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