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If you are a passionate player of the popular game, RuneScape known as OSRS, then you might have heard about the OSRS Cold War quest. This is the beginning of a thrilling series of missions that revolve around the antics of penguins. 

In the OSRS Cold War, two agents are on a mission to uncover the hidden plans of the penguins. You must be a penguin spy undercover to get close to penguins and collect information. In this Cold War OSRS guide, you will get to know everything about the Cold War quest and the rewards for completing it.

OSRS Cold War Quest

Ardougne Zoo has a zookeeper who is obsessed with penguins. He is so worried about them that your help is needed to observe their behavior on the iceberg in the Lunar Sea. Join in and help the zookeeper uncover the secrets of the penguins.

Meeting Larry: The Zookeeper

Go to the zoo and meet Larry. He is the zookeeper and checks if he needs any help.  Larry is doing research on penguins and may request that you collect some materials for him while he arranges transportation to the penguins’ location. 

OSRS Cold War

Building a Bird Hide 

When you arrive at the iceberg, Larry will ask you to use the materials you have to make a bird hide and cover it with snow. Then, you have to enter inside the bird hide to observe the behavior of penguins. 

You’ll notice that they’re behaving differently than usual. Larry will suggest getting closer to the penguins to notice their behavior.

OSRS Cold War

OSRS Cold War – Craft the Penguin Suit

First, you need to head to Rellekka with the help of the boat. There Larry will guide you to use a clockwork book that he provides you and make a clockwork. Head to a crafting table in someone’s house and make the suit using a steel bar, clockwork toy, and clockwork penguin. 

Return to Larry at the Ardougne zoo and show him the suit you made. He’ll take you back to the iceberg where you’ll see that the penguins have destroyed your bird hide. Request to test the clockwork suit on the penguins at the zoo and help you get into the suit.

OSRS Cold War

Communication with the Penguin – Mission Report

Moreover, go into the penguin’s cage and do the things you noticed on the iceberg. After that, the penguin will let you talk to them. They’ll tell you that we should all learn to fly and give you a mission report. When you’re done, leave the cage and remove the suit.

OSRS Cold War

Need for Secret Phrase for Conversation

Now go to Lumbridge and visit the sheep farm. Put on the penguin suit. Once you’re ready, try talking to a sheep there. But the sheep won’t speak to you unless you know the secret phrase. You must know the secret phrase for a conversation.

OSRS Cold War

OSRS Cold War – Secret Phrase 

To turn back into a human, visit Larry, then head back to the zoo and talk to the penguin in its cage. Visit the penguin cage again and ask the penguin for a secret phrase. You’ll need to bring the penguin a raw fish before he reveals the secret phrase to you. 

Then, go back to the penguin at the sheep farm and it will ask you to speak with the farmer to learn about the outpost. Change back to your human form and visit Fred’s house. Once you’re there, talk to him and kindly ask him to release the penguins.

OSRS Cold War

Obtaining a KGP ID Card

Put on your penguin outfit once more and make your way to the sheep farm. The penguin will give you a mission report to deliver to the outpost. First, Larry will transform you back into the penguin. 

Further, return to the iceberg and try to enter the outpost. There the agent penguin will refuse you entry without an ID. The Noodle penguin can help you get a fake ID if you give him some items he asked for. Collect the required items and exchange them for a KGP ID card.

OSRS Cold War

Agility Skills Required for OSRS Cold War

For the entrance to the hideout. Just show the card to the agent and he will guide you. Once inside, you’ll need to deliver some important mission reports to another agent but be prepared to showcase your agility skills. 

The agent will ask you to perform an agility course that includes navigating through moving rocks, stepping stones, crossing the ice, and even sliding down a hill. 

OSRS Cold War

Cowbell and bongos for the locked door

Once you’ve completed your agility courses as a penguin spy, it’s time to transform back to human form. Just find Larry and tell him about the penguins you saw in the hideout. Larry will reveal that the penguins are getting ready to go to war against humans. 

Now, transformed back into a penguin, you may enter the hideout, but the agent won’t let you through the gates. To gain access, you must enter the eastern room and give Ping a Cowbell and a set of bongos, and he will reveal what lies behind the locked door.

OSRS Cold War

Making Bongos with Mahogany plank

Now, leave your hiding spot and meet Larry. Then, ask Larry about the penguin Cowbell and a set of bongos. To make the bongos, use the Mahogany plank on some leather.

Then, hop on a boat to Rellekka and make your way to Zanaris. Once you’re there, sneak into the dairy farm and swipe the cowbell. 

OSRS Cold War

Ping and Pong’s Performance

Go back to Larry and he will transform you into a penguin once again. Take the items and bring them to Pong in the hideout. When Ping and Pong start playing their instruments, a guard will try to stop them. Quickly leave the room and use the controls to unlock the gates. 

OSRS Cold War

Defeating the Ice Lord in OSRS Cold War

Afterward, head over to the war room located on the east side. Your task is to defeat the Ice Lord who is hiding there. 

OSRS Cold War

Congratulations on completing the OSRS Cold War

Now it’s time to leave the hideout by using the chasm and head back to Larry. Don’t forget to share what you saw in the war room and let him know that you have successfully taken down the Ice Lord. Congratulations on completing your Cold War quest OSRS by following the simple steps from this Cold War OSRS guide.

Rewards for completing the OSRS Cold War Quest

Congratulations on completing the OSRS Cold War quest. It’s time to collect the rewards. You will get the following after finishing the quest successfully:

1,500 construction XP: 

This reward gives you 1,500 experience points in the Construction skill. 

5,000 agility XP: 

This reward grants you 5,000 experience points in the Agility skill. Agility is an important skill for many activities in OSRS, such as running faster, using shortcuts, and avoiding traps. Having a higher Agility level can also increase your chances of success in combat.

2,000 crafting XP:

This reward gives you 2,000 experience points in the Crafting skill. Crafting is a useful skill for creating items like jewelry, armor, and weapons, and can be a profitable way to make money in OSRS.

1 Quest point: 

This reward adds 1 quest point to your character’s total. Quest points are a measure of your progress in completing quests in OSRS, and certain quests require a minimum number of quest points to start.

Access to the iceberg: 

This reward grants you access to the iceberg, a unique location in OSRS. It has a penguin colony, a dungeon, and a boss fight. The iceberg can also be a good place to train some skills and earn some loot.

Ability to make penguin suits:

This reward unlocks the ability to make penguin suits, which are wearable items that can disguise you as a penguin. It can be useful for certain quests and activities that involve interacting with penguins.


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