OSRS Herblore – Full Runescape Game Guide

OSRS Herblore game allows players to create their own potions by mixing various herbs and other ingredients which can be used to boost your combat, prayer, or other skills temporarily, making them valuable armor in your questing and battle adventures.

To begin training OSRS Herblore, you first need to complete the Druidic Ritual quest, which is a short introductory quest to the skill. Players must visit the stone circle located north of Taverley and talk with Kaqemeex to begin the quest. 

Furthermore, he will lead you to Sanfew, which is located upstairs in the huge octagonal OSRS Herblore shop. You must bring raw rat meat, raw bear meat, raw chicken, and raw beef, as instructed by Sanfew.

To get these items, players can either teleport to Varrock or just purchase them from the Grand Exchange. If they have the route to Canifis unlocked, players can also purchase all four from Rufus’ Meat Emporium.

Once you have gathered the ingredients, take them to the Cauldron of Thunder located in Taverley Dungeon and use the meats on it to enchant them and turn them blue. 

Now take these enchanted meats back to Sanfew, who will thank you and introduce you to the Herblore Skill. Level 3 OSRS Herblore will be automatically granted to you once the Druidic Ritual Quest is finished.

From Level 3, you can start creating potions to level up further. You must collect all the required ingredients, which often comprise a herb and a secondary ingredient, in order to make a potion. 

Furthermore, you may mix them with a vial of coconut milk, water, or blood to make the potion. However, Herblore can be pretty expensive to train as most of the potions are cheaper than their constituting ingredients.

Finishing incomplete potions is a fantastic solution for this. The Grand Exchange has incomplete potions that you may purchase and finish by adding secondary ingredients. You may create around 2300–2500 potions throughout, this is a 2-trick if you bank instantly after each inventory. The Amulet of Chemistry may possibly save millions of coins over mastering OSRS Herblore.

There are various methods to train OSRS Herblore, each requiring different levels and resources. 

A few of the most effective methods are as follows:

OSRS Herblore Method 1:

Herblore Level 3-15:

Making Attack Potions is an excellent technique to go from Level 3 to Level 15. By combining an eye of newt and a guam leaf in a vial of water, you can create attack potions. To reach Level 15, 87 Attack potions will be needed. The total cost after selling the potions comes out to be around 1350 coins.

OSRS Herblore Level 15-26:

Making Serum 207, which includes mixing of a Tarromin and some ashes in a vial of water, is the fastest way to get from Level 15 to Level 26. The requirement for Level 26 is 127 Serum 207 in total. The  28,450 coins are the final price once the potions are sold. 

However, players need to read the Diary of Herbi Flax during the Shades of Mort’ton quest in order to make Serum 207. If they haven’t completed the quest, they can instead create strength potions by combining Tarromin with limpwurt root in a vial of water.

Herblore Levels 26-38: 

When players reach level 26 Herblore, they can make energy potions by mixing chocolate dust and a harralander in a vial of water. Players need 322 energy potions to reach level 38 OSRS Herblore, and the total cost after selling these potions is around 153,600 coins. Alternatively, players can use chocolate bars instead of chocolate dust to make these potions.

Players can also create restore potions by mixing a harralander with red spiders’ eggs in a vial of water. While restore potions do not have the same energy-boosting effect as energy potions, they do restore a player’s depleted stats.

Herblore Levels 38-52: 

Making prayer potions is the most efficient way to go from level 38 to level 52. Players can make prayer potions by mixing ranarr weed and snape grass in a vial of water. It will take 1557 prayer potions to get to level 55, and after selling, these potions will cost around 803,400 coins. To significantly reduce the cost, it is highly recommended to use an Amulet of Chemistry.

If players do not prefer prayer potions, they can make combat potions by mixing a harralander with goat horn dust in a vial of water.

Herblore Level 52-55:

Making super energy potions is the fastest way to advance from level 52 to level 55. Players can make them by mixing an avantoe with a Mort Myre Fungi in a vial of water. 

Players need 366 of these potions to reach level 55, and the cost after selling these potions comes out to 310,000 coins.

Herblore Level 55-69:

At level 55 Herblore, players can start making super strength potions by mixing kwuarm and a limpwurt root in a vial of water. Players need 4,012 of these potions to reach level 69 Herblore, and the total cost after selling will be around 4,457,330 coins.

Antifire potions become a viable option at level 69. Players can make them by mixing a lantadyme with dragon scale dust in a vial of water. Players need 9,682 antifire potions to reach level 81 Herblore, and the cost after selling will be around 14,271,270 coins.

Players can also use blue dragon scale in place of dragon scale dust to create antifire potions. If players do not prefer antifire potions, they can make ranging potions once they reach level 72. Players can make ranging potions by mixing dwarf weed potions with the wine of Zamorak.

OSRS Herblore Level 81-99:

Congratulations, you’ve reached level 81 Herblore! 

To take your skills to the next level and achieve level 99, the most efficient way to do so is by making Saradomin Brews. It provides a boost to your defense and strength.

Making Saradomin Brews requires mixing a crushed nest with a toadflax in a vial of water. You’ll need to make a total of 60,232 Saradomin Brews to reach level 99 Herblore, and the total cost after selling them comes out to be around 153,953,000 coins.

Moreover, you may make stamina potions by combining Super Energy Potions from Levels 52 to 55 with Amylase Crystals.

OSRS Herblore Method 2: 

Herb cleaning:

There is an alternative way to train your Herblore skills in the game. In this method, you will be cleaning grimy herbs to gain experience and make a profit at the same time.

Herb cleaning is a very cost-effective way of gaining experience, but it can be slow and tedious. However, if you don’t mind moving slowly and repeating yourself, this approach can be a fantastic choice for you.

To start cleaning herbs, you need to obtain grimy herbs from various sources such as farming, monster drops, or buying them from other players. Once you have your grimy herbs, head over to a sink or water source to clean them. 

Click on the grimy herb in your inventory and select the “clean” option. Repeat this process until you have cleaned all the grimy herbs you have.

OSRS Herblore

Your herbs can be used to produce potions or sold for a profit once you’ve cleaned them. Cleaning herbs is a very profitable method, but keep in mind that the profit depends on the herb you are cleaning. 

It is advised to do your research and compare the prices of clean and dirty herbs because certain herbs have bigger profit margins than others.


In conclusion, herb cleaning is absolutely something you should think about if you’re seeking a cheap way to level up in Herblore and earn money in the game. Although it might not be the fastest approach, it can be a good substitute for preparing potions and combining materials.


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