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Lunar Diplomacy is a quest in which you help to resolve a disagreement between two people, the Fremennik and the Moon Clan. By completing this OSRS Lunar Diplomacy quest, you’ll be able to bring peace between these two people and get rewarded with access to the mysterious Lunar Isle. Not only that, but you’ll also receive a new spell book.

Follow these steps to get help with the “OSRS Lunar Diplomacy Guide”. Complete the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest and receive the rewards.

If you are a passionate player of the popular game, RuneScape known as OSRS, and you complete the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest then you’ll be rewarded with great rewards, including  5,000 magic XP and rune crafting XP, access to the Astral altar and a Lunar spellbook and many more. 

Why wait? To resolve a dispute between two people, the Fremennik and the Moon Clan, and learn more about the rewards, start reading the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest guide.

OSRS Lunar Diplomacy Quest Guide

For a long time, the Fremennik and the Moon Clan of Lunar Isle have been in conflict. It’s getting tiring. Someone must step up and bring the two together. Travel with pirates and discover new lands, creatures, and adventures.

Visiting Lokar Searunner on the Western Deck of Rellekka

Visit the western deck of Rellekka to chat with Lokar Searunner. He will tell you about his life as a Fremennik. Then, go to the largest building in Rellekka to speak with Brundt Chieftain. Brundt will give you a seal of passage.

OSRS Lunar Diplomacy

Ask Lokar Searunner to Take You to Pirates Cove

Ask Lokar Searunner to take you to Pirates Cove. Once you arrive, climb up the ladder to board the boat. Let Captain Bentley know that Lokar has sent you, and you need to get to the Island of the Moon clan. 

Captain will agree to take you there. Moreover, you’ll get a ride from the captain to the Island of the Moon clan.

OSRS Lunar Diplomacy

Ship’s Strange Behavior

The ship was supposed to go to the Island. But instead, it moved in circles and then stopped. Captain told you to look into it and talk to ‘Birds-Eye’ Jack. When you talk to Jack, he doesn’t seem to care. He says he had followed the course.

OSRS Lunar Diplomacy

The Navigator Blames the Jinx

You will now tell the captain that the navigator has made a mistake. However, he does not agree with you. Now, go back to the navigator. 

Tell the navigator that you are the one who is responsible for the ship not reaching its destination. The navigator, however, blames the jinx for not reaching the desired location.

Speak to ‘Eagle-Eye’ Schultz, who suggests that you need to find the people responsible for the jinx and then take the ship to the Island of the Moon clan.

Conversation with Beefy 

Have a conversation with  ‘Beefy’ Burns on the lowest deck. You must ask him about the feasts. Now, make your way up to the top deck. 

Obtaining the Special Lantern and Lens

Talk to First Mate ‘Davey-boy’, at the main deck. Find out what he was doing at the feast on Lunar Isle. Next, talk to the Cabin Boy at the top deck. Ask him if he’s the spy of the Moon clan. He will admit it. He reveals that a girl had asked him to do a magic jinx. To help you on your Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest, he gives you a special lantern and lens that will help you see the symbols.

Find Five Symbols

Now it’s time to light up the lantern. Find five special symbols, and rub them off. The captain takes you to the Island of the Moon clan once you’ve done that.

Meet Oneiromancer in Lunar Town

Now, go to Lunar Town and find a lady, Oneiromancer. Let her know you’re in town to settle the dispute. She may suggest you learn magic like them to resolve the dispute. For this, she’ll ask you to do some rituals. 

To do this, you will need some items, such as a Waking Sleep Potion, Lunar Staff, and Ceremonial Travel Clothes.

Make the Waking Sleep Potion and Lunar Staff

Baba Yaga, who lives in the city and can tell you the recipe for the waking sleep potion. So, you need to visit her. You’ll get an empty vial from her. After you’ve got the vial you will need to come back to town. Gather all the ingredients you need to make the potion.

Defeat two monsters for the tooth you need to make the potion. Make the potion after you have the necessary ingredients and bring it back to Oneiromancer.

Further, to make a Lunar staff you need to use the dramen staff. Moreover, you need to use it on air, fire, water, and earth altar. After you use it on the altars, you’ll get the Lunar staff. Now, take the Lunar staff back to Oneiromancer.

Next, you will need to get ceremonial clothes. For them, go to Meteora in the southern part of the village. You can give her a Tiara in exchange for an Amulet.

Make the Ceremonial Lunar Clothes

Now, talk to Selena. She will tell you that you should go south and dig up a patch of blue flowers to find the ring. You can then visit Pauline Polaris to ask for a Cape. But first, you must guess her name. You’ll get the cape once you guess her name correctly. To get the ceremonial clothes, you’ll need to go to Rimae’s clothing shop. 

You’ll be asked to bring the hides of squash monsters. Once you’ve gathered all the items, you can trade them to make ceremonial lunar clothes.

Dig up the Stalagmite to get Lunar Ore

Now, go to the north, and go down the mine’s ladder. You will need to dig up the Stalagmite in order to get Lunar Ore. Once you have the ore, teleport to Rellekka. Now, go to the building in the southwest part of the city and use the ore to make a bar. Next, you will need to use the bar on an anvil in order to make the helm. 

You’ll then need to go back to the Lunar Island and show Oneiromancer the Lunar clothes to get extra kindling.

After that, put on the Lunar clothes and get inside the biggest building in the city. You need to light up the brazier.

OSRS Lunar Diplomacy – Complete Puzzles

Meet the Ethereal Man, who will introduce the Life Book to you. You are then asked to complete some tests. 

Complete Puzzle: Race Against an Ethereal Expert

Start the test by stepping on the pad at the eastern end. This is where you’ll race against an Ethereal Expert. Be sure to get over the hurdles to win the race.

Complete Puzzle: Numerator Challenge

After you have finished a race you must tell the Ethereal man what you learned from the race. Step onto the other platform, and you will be teleported to the numerator. 

The numerator gives you a series of numbers, and you must guess the next numbers in the sequence. You’ll return to the main cloud after you’ve completed the sequence.

Complete Puzzle: Ethereal Mimic 

Teleport to Ethereal Mimic by stepping onto the pad. Complete the test by following the instructions. 

Complete Puzzle: Ethereal Fluke 

You can now return to the yellow platform where Ethereal Fluke will give you a number. You need to roll the dice to get the same number that he gave you.

Complete Puzzle: Ethereal Guide

Head over to the next pad and you’ll be transported to meet the Ethereal Guide. You need to jump over some small platforms to reach the other side. By doing this, you have successfully completed another test. 

Complete Puzzle: Woodcutting Test

You must step onto the blue platform in order to begin the Woodcutting test. It is your task to chop down the dream trees and get the strange log. Then place them at the center of the cloud.

Defeat ‘Me’ – To Complete Lunar Diplomacy OSRS Quest

After you complete the test, go back to Ethereal and tell him what you learned. After that, the Ethereal man will transport you to the final test where you have to defeat ‘Me’. The Ethereal man then asks you to read the Life Book after you complete the task. Now, leave the dream world.

It’s time to return to Lunar Island to meet Oneiromancer. Tell her everything you learned from the tests. By doing so, you’ll complete your Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest.

Rewards for Completing OSRS Lunar Diplomacy Quest

Congratulations on completing the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest. Once you complete the quest, you will receive 5,000 magic XP and rune crafting XP, access to the Astral altar and Lunar spellbook, 2 quest points, and even 50 Astral runes.

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