OSRS Sea Slug Quest | RuneScape Walkthrough

At the Fishing Platform, there is something quite strange. Many fishermen have disappeared and bizarre sea creatures are found, which is very alarming. We have to find out what is going on. Investigate the platform to uncover the truth. Follow these steps to get help with the “OSRS Sea Slug Quest Guide”.

Complete the Sea Slug OSRS quest and receive the rewards.

If you are a passionate player of the popular game, RuneScape known as OSRS, and you complete The Sea Slug OSRS quest then you’ll be rewarded with great rewards, including access to the fishing platform and 7,175 fishing XP, and more.

Why wait? Start reading the Sea Slug OSRS quest guide and learn more about the rewards.

The OSRS Sea Slug Quest Guide

You must find out what is happening to the fishermen. To discover the truth, you’ll have to dig deeper and investigate. You might find some unusual and strange creatures around the fishing platform.

Caroline’s Request for Help

Talk to Caroline. You can find her in east Ardougne. Caroline tells you her husband and son went fishing but haven’t returned in over a week. Caroline is extremely worried and asks for your help to find clues to their disappearance. 

Holgart, Caroline’s friend, will take you by boat to the fishing platform for the investigation.

OSRS Sea Slug

Meet Bailey in the Southwest Hut

Head to the southwest corner once you reach the fishing platform. Now, go into the hut to talk with Bailey. 

He can tell you more details about the boy and will help you with your search. He will tell that Kennith is afraid of the sea slugs and could be hiding in some place.

OSRS Sea Slug

OSRS Sea Slug – The Story of Kennith

Step out of the hut and look for a ladder to climb up. Once you enter the hut, you’ll meet Kennith who has a story to tell. He will share his story of how he was attacked by a fishing man and that his dad advised him to hide inside the hut. Find his daddy immediately.

OSRS Sea Slug

Finding Kent on a Small Island

Now visit Holgart. He’ll inform you that Kennith’s father is missing. He will give you a task to find him. You can take a boat to reach a small island and meet Kent. Let him know that you were sent by his wife to find him. 

Kent will tell you about their fishing troubles, where they accidentally caught sea slugs. The fishermen then started to behave badly.

OSRS Sea Slug

Convincing Kennith to Leave

Talk to Bailey again on the fishing platform, that you want to take Kennith with you. Bailey will provide you with a torch to scare the slugs. To light the torch, you will need some broken glass pieces and damp sticks. 

You can then climb up the ladder and ask Kennith to leave with you. But he might not be able to. If he refuses to leave, kick the broken wall and ask him again.

OSRS Sea Slug

The OSRS Sea Slug Quest Completed

Next, return to Holgart and use the boat to get back to the main island. Caroline will reward you with oyster pearls when you get there. You have successfully completed your Sea Slug OSRS quest.

OSRS Sea Slug

Rewards for Completing OSRS Sea Slug Quest

Congratulations on completing the Sea Slug OSRS quest. You’ll gain access to the fishing platform, receive 7,175 fishing XP, earn 1 quest point, and even get oyster pearls.

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