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Participate in the OSRS Slug Menace quest at Witchaven to help restore the Holy Book of Saradomin. You have to locate a secret passage under Witchaven village to help the residents recover the Holy Book of Saradomin. Sir Tiffy selected you to complete this task. 

Follow these steps to get help with the “OSRS Slug Menace Quest Guide”. Complete the OSRS Slug Menace quest and receive the rewards.

If you are a passionate player of the popular game, RuneScape is known as OSRS, and you complete The Slug Menace OSRS quest then you’ll receive some amazing rewards once you have completed it. You will be awarded 3,500 XP for thieving, crafting and runecraft, and more.

Why wait? To find the secret passage and learn more about the rewards, start reading the Slug Menace OSRS quest guide.

The OSRS Slug Menace Quest Guide

Witchaven is experiencing something bad and everyone is acting out of character. This isn’t a minor problem, it’s a serious threat to the entire Runescape world. Things could go horribly wrong if someone doesn’t discover what is going on in the village and stop it from spreading. 

The secrets hidden beneath Witchaven must be uncovered to avoid a dark fate for everyone in Runescape.

Speaking to Sir Tiffy about lost Commorb

To begin the quest, go to Falador Park to speak to Sir Tiffy. Talk to him and let him know you have lost the commorb. He’ll direct you to Col. O’Niall’s Witchaven village in Ardougne. 

Sir Tiffy will give you a secret code that you should keep in mind before you leave.

OSRS Slug Menace

Location of Col. O’Niall in Witchaven in OSRS Slug Menace

Go to Witchaven, Col. O’Niall can be found on the ship deck. Tell him that Sir Tiffy sent you on this mission. Col. O’Niall informs you that the villagers are mysteriously disappearing and returning confused. 

He gives you the task of investigating the matter further with Brother Maledict, Mayor Hobb, and Holgart, the Fisherman.

OSRS Slug Menace

Brother Maledict’s task

You’ll find Brother Maledict as you enter the church. He has been given the task by the mayor of giving the shrine a new look. He may talk to you about the congregation.

OSRS Slug Menace

Meeting a Holgart on the Riverbank

You might consider heading down to the riverbank in search of a Holgart. You might notice his sadness and ask him if everything is okay. 

He’ll likely tell you that he doesn’t sail the boat anymore. The Mayor took his boat and gave it to Jeb Wormwood.

OSRS Slug Menace

Visit Mayor Hobb’s Building in OSRS Slug Menace

Step inside Mayor Hobb’s building. He will inform you that they are currently renovating a shrine. Savant will then appear out of the commorb and ask you to scan it.

Afterward, she reveals that there are two living beings inside the Mayor’s body.

OSRS Slug Menace

Heading towards the Dungeon

After you have gathered the information from three people, head back to Col. O’Niall to share it with him. Then, he will ask you to go and check out the shrine.

You will now need to make your way toward the dungeon on the southwest side. Once inside, you’ll need to push a wall and make your way to the imposing doors. 

Doors resembling Saradomin runes

Savant will request you to scan the imposing doors, which look very much like Saradomin runes. Then, she will suggest Jorral will be able to translate them. Before you teleport to Jorral’s house, you will need to grab the sea slug from the ground. 

Jorral should be informed that you are working with a wizard who has given you instructions. Jorral will reveal to you that the Temple Knights managed to trap a tough monster, Mother Mallum a long time back.

Finding the Stolen Pages of the Holy Book

Go back to Witchaven and tell the colonel everything. He wants you to inform Brother Maledict of a secret way. To reveal the truth behind those doors, you must find the stolen pages of the Holy Book of Saradomin. 

Now, you need to get into the mayor’s home and do the investigation. Examine his desk and you will find a piece of paper.

Swamp Paste to Attach the Pieces

Now, you’ll need to visit a fishing store where the owner hand over you a second paper.

You will then need to return to the colonel, who will give you more pieces of the last page. 

To attach the pieces together you will need swamp paste. But Savant is there to stop you. Take a ship to the fishing platform and give Bailey a sea slug. He’ll make a special glue to attach the pages.  

Finally, you can fix the pages using glue and complete the Slug Menace OSRS quest.

Slug Menace OSRS – Obtaining Essence

Go to the bank, grab the essence, and then use it on the pages to make runes. You can then visit every altar for rune crafting such as mind, air, fire, water, and earth, and use the crafted runes on them.

Slug Menace OSRS – Kill Slug Prince Monster

Head over to the Ardougne bank and grab some powerful melee weapons. Next, head back to the dungeon to use 5 runes in order to unlock those big doors. 

You will confront a fierce slug prince monster. To complete your Slug Menace OSRS quest, kill him.

Congratulations on Completing the Slug Menace OSRS Quest

Let Sir Tiffy know that you discovered the imposing doors, and you defeated the slug prince behind them. Once you do this, he’ll give you the title of Proselyte. You have successfully completed your Slug Menace OSRS quest.

Rewards for Completing OSRS Slug Menace Quest

Congratulations on completing the Slug Menace OSRS quest. You’ll receive 3,500 points for crafting, thieving, and runecraft. These points can help you improve your character’s level. Proselyte title will also be granted and you’ll receive a new quest point.

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