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King Shareen is worried because the Grand Tree is sick and needs your help. You need to find out the reason and save it from dying. Follow these steps to get help with the “OSRS The Grand Tree Quest Guide”. Complete the OSRS the Grand Tree quest and receive the rewards.

If you are a passionate player of the popular game, RuneScape known as OSRS, and you complete The Grand Tree OSRS quest then you’ll get many rewards, including magic XP, agility XP, and attack XP.

So why wait? Start reading The Grand Tree OSRS quest guide to help King Shareen and know more about the rewards.

OSRS The Grand Tree Quest Guide

You have to rescue the gnome population by helping King Shareen figure out the disease and save it from dying. You will be saving the home of the gnomes by helping them in The Grand Tree OSRS quest.

Meet King Shareen

Head over to the Grand Tree and talk to King Shareen to begin your journey. He’ll lead you downstairs to inform you of the condition of the Grand Tree. To save it, you must seek out Hazelmere and ask him about this dire situation. 

Don’t worry, King Shareen has got you covered with a bark sample and a translation book to help you communicate with Hazelmere.

osrs the grand tree

Steps to Meet Hazelmere and Get the Scroll

If you want to find Hazelmere in the game, follow these steps. First, go to Yanille and head northeast. You’ll come across a small hut on an island. Second, go inside and climb the ladder to the top to meet Hazelmere. 

Give him the bark sample you have and he’ll give you a scroll in return. You can use your translation book to understand what the message says.

Meet Glough, the Chief Tree Guardian

Now you have to deliver an important message to the King from Hazelmere about the Daconia rocks. Once you reach the King, he will ask you to talk to the chief tree guardian, Glough, about the message. 

Don’t worry, finding Glough is easy. Just move south and climb up the ladder to enter his house. When you deliver the King’s message to Glough, he will assure you that he can handle the matter of the missing Daconia rocks. Now, you’ll be one step closer to completing your quest.

Conversation with Charlie, The Prisoner

Ask the king to show you the prisoner who was entrapped with Daconia rocks. To see the prisoner, the king will instruct you to climb up to the top of a tree. 

Once there, the prisoner named Charlie will tell you that Glough forced him to carry Daconia rocks. Charlie suspects that Glough may be hiding something in his home. 

OSRS The Grand Tree – The Truth About Glough

If you want to know the truth about Glough, head over to his house and search his cupboards for his journal. Then confront him with the information from the prisoner, who claims Glough paid him to carry the stones causing the grand tree’s demise. 

This will likely make Glough angry and he’ll order you to be imprisoned. However, Charlie can reveal that Glough sent him to Karamja with a large sum of gold for someone who may know Glough’s plans. Eventually, the king will rescue you.

Heading Over To Karamja

Now you must consider heading over to Karamja. All you need to do is ask Captain Errdo to take you there. When you arrive, run to the east and try to open the fence gate.

However, be warned as you might run into some trouble when you try to open the fence gate. If you say that Glough sent you and gave him the right password, he’ll let you through the fence gate.

Glough’s Plan to Attack Port Sarim

Moreover, head over to the ship dock and mention that Glough sent you. He’ll invite you to his office where you’ll have to answer questions correctly. Make sure to choose the correct answers. 

Once you’ve done that, he’ll let you know that Glough wants to attack Port Sarim with 300 gnome troops. The foreman will give you a lumber order to take to Glough, make sure you deliver it to Glough.

Getting the Key to Glough’s Chest in OSRS The Grand Tree Quest

Now, go back to King Shareen and tell him everything about Glough. The king may not believe you, so you should approach Charlie and ask him for help. Charlie will tell you that the keys to Glough’s chest can be found at his girlfriend’s house. 

So, head west and find a staircase that takes you to Anita’s house. Anita will give you the key to Glough’s chest and ask you to give it to him.

Unlock the Chest & Retrieve the Invasion Plans

Head back to Glough’s house and unlock his chest with the key. Inside, you’ll find a special scroll with invasion plans that you must bring to the king. He’ll reward you with some twigs that you’ll need to use to climb up the tree near Glough’s house. 

Once you’re up there, use the twigs to get a secret message.

OSRS The Grand Tree – Fight with a Black Demon

Head down to the underground dungeon and have a chat with Glough. Wait for a while, and a scary black demon will show up. Don’t be afraid, just fight and defeat the demon to complete the Grand Tree OSRS quest.

Important Information about Glough’s Daconia Rocks in OSRS The Grand Tree Quest

Now, you need to run toward the West to meet King Shareen. Moreover, you have to inform the king about Glough, who has been secretly accessing the roots from a secret path in his house. You have important information about Glough’s store of Daconia rocks, and the king needs to know. 

Then, the king will send his guard to investigate the secret path. After the investigation, the guard will return with the news that Glough is hiding under a bunch of Daconia rocks.

Location of Damonia: Roots under the Big Tree

Now, the king has a task for you. He will ask you to find a missing daconia. The king will tell you to look for it in the roots under the big tree. After finding the Daconia rocks, you must bring them back to the king to complete the Grand Tree OSRS quest.

Rewards for Completing OSRS The Grand Tree Quest

Congratulations on completing the Grand Tree OSRS quest. It’s time to collect the rewards. You will get the following after finishing the quest successfully:

2,150 magic XP

By completing the OSRS grand tree quest, you can earn 2,150 experience points in magic.

7,900 agility XP

Completing the OSRS grand tree quest can earn you 7,900 agility XP. Agility is an important skill for many activities in OSRS, such as running faster, using shortcuts, and avoiding traps. Having a higher Agility level can also increase your chances of success in combat.

18,400 attack XP

Completing the OSRS grand tree can earn you 18,400 attack XP.

Access to the mine under the Grand Tree

Completing the OSRS grand tree grants you access to the mine under the Grand Tree.

Access to the gnome glider transport system

You can access the gnome glider transport system.

5 Quest points for OSRS The Grand Tree Quest

You will earn 5 Quest points for completing the OSRS grand tree. Quest points are a measure of your progress in completing quests in OSRS, and certain quests require a minimum number of quest points to start.

There you go, Quest Completed!

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