OSRS X Marks the Spot Quest – Runescape Guide

Get ready to begin an exciting Lumbridge Treasure Hunt. All you need to do is join Veos on his quest to discover hidden treasures and be handsomely rewarded for your efforts in completing the X Marks the Spot quest of OSRS the Great Kourend series.

OSRS X Marks The Spot Quest

To start your journey, head to Veos’s house and have a conversation with him. When you ask him about his purpose for being in Lumbridge then he’ll reveal his treasure-hunting ambitions with you. 

Furthermore, Veos will hand you a scroll and request your help in locating the treasure, promising a reward for your assistance.

In addition, with the scroll in hand, make your way in front of Bob’s house and read the instructions carefully. 

Next, follow each step as written, and soon enough, you’ll uncover another scroll with a map indicating the location of the treasure.

The “X” marks the spot near Lumbridge castle. Further, make your way there and dig up the mysterious orb, which will reveal another clue. Next, head to the jail and dig near the water stream to uncover a treasure scroll.


Moreover, following the instructions on the scroll, head towards the pig pen and start digging. There you will find the treasure box.

Lastly, take it to Veos, who is waiting at the ship dock, and hand it over to him. 

Rewards for completing the X Marks the Spot Quest

Congratulations on completing the X Marks the Spot quest. It’s time to collect the rewards. You will get the following after finishing the quest successfully:

200 coins

You’ll receive 200 coins on completing the quest. Moreover, you need to use them wisely to purchase equipment, items, or upgrades for your character.

1 OSRS Quest point

You’ll earn one quest point. In addition, as you earn more quest points, you will have more opportunities to unlock new quests.

An antique lamp

This valuable item will grant you experience points in the skill of your choosing. Use it to level up your skills and become a pro player.

A beginner Clue Scroll

This item will give you clues to uncover hidden treasures and complete challenges in the game. You’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of treasure hunting once you get the beginner Clue Scroll.


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