Peridot Game Review: Niantic’s Adorable AR Treat

Peridot from Niantic Labs’ creators of Pokemon Go is an interactive virtual pet experience with location-based gameplay and augmented reality elements that combine location with virtual pet mechanics.

At its center are magical dots that have been dormant for millennia; as part of “keeper society”, your task is to help these dots survive in this vastly different world.

Each dot is genetically unique, with seven traits governing its appearance. From fuzzy bellies to gigantic horns – some even look like walking bananas. But no matter the look they all share something in common: their big, adorable eyes which will draw you in.

peridot game

Starting your journey in Peridot requires receiving an egg that will hatch into your first dot. Caring for it from birth involves feeding and petting, with satisfying rewards as your dot grows into adulthood – my first was a teal fuzzball with monkey face features, bear ears, and an odd nub that would eventually turn into a narwhal horn. I named her Willow.

Peridot Review – Lore

Peridot’s initial appeal is undeniable, yet I remain uncertain of its lasting allure. Over the course of playing it over the past week, I wondered whether those big puppy dog eyes could keep me engaged long-term.

Still, its unique lore adds depth; you feel an obligation to ensure dots survive in their new world. In Part Two of this article series, I’ll examine Peridot’s gameplay mechanics further and how they affect its overall experience.

While the game’s dots are undeniably cute and the AR aspect is impressive, the real-world elements of the game may not be as engaging as some other Niantic games.

Peridot AR is Mind Blowing

Taking care of your dot is relatively simple, with their main needs being food and playtime. Dots have desires that change regularly, and satisfying these desires helps them grow. You can also teach your dot tricks and pet them, which is more for cuteness than anything else. 

But the AR aspect of the game is where Peridot truly shines.

The dots interact with the real world in realistic ways, recognizing different surfaces and even other pets. They can dig for food, bounce tennis balls off walls, and scamper along sidewalks.

However, the real-world elements of the game aren’t as interesting.

The map is full of points of interest, but there isn’t much to do besides foraging and looking at other dots that have been there.

Even taking your dot on a hike doesn’t offer much in terms of gameplay, with most desires being able to be satisfied inside your house. This is in stark contrast to games like Pikmin Bloom, where walking is a key gameplay element and progress can’t be made without going outside. In the next part of this article, I’ll explore the game’s social features and how they impact the overall experience.

Honest Review – Peridot Puppies

Raising your dot from a baby to an adult is a simple process that doesn’t take long, and there isn’t much to do once your dot has grown.

The breeding aspect seems to be the game’s main hook, and it ties into how the game is monetized. While the game is free to play, you can pay for things like extra food and toys, as well as nests that are required to hatch a new creature.

So far, it doesn’t seem like players need to buy anything, but the game’s shop includes a built-in Amazon store for buying physical goods.

While the breeding aspect may be fun for players who love to collect things, the actual pet-raising aspect of Peridot may not be as engaging. There’s not much to do with your dot outside of feeding and playing with them a few times a day and taking cute pics.

However, it’s possible that more features could be added in the future, and the game could become more fleshed out. For now, though, those big puppy dog eyes are doing a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of keeping players engaged.

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