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Hey everyone, guess what? It finally happened! After waiting for what feels like forever, Persona 5 Royal is on Switch. Even though there aren’t any big changes or upgrades, we’re super excited to say that Persona 5 Royal is still as amazing and unforgettable as ever. If you’re an RPG fan and haven’t played this game yet, you seriously need to get on it.

Persona 5 Royal’s story is like Inception meets superheroes. You play as Joker, a quiet high schooler who finds himself in a tough spot. One day, you see a woman being attacked and decide to help. But whoops, you accidentally hurt the guy and now he’s suing you. Ouch! You get a criminal record, kicked out of school, and sent off to Shujin Academy.

Persona 5 Royal

But things get really interesting when you find out you can enter “The Metaverse”, a whole other world created from people’s thoughts. In this world, there are Palaces – super weird dungeons based on how some nasty people in power see reality. Like, the first Palace is a castle ruled by Kamoshida, a creepy volleyball coach who treats the school and students like his own playthings. Yikes!

Persona 5 Royal Character Development

So, Joker, the guy you’ve seen in Smash Bros., starts gathering a crew of rebellious students and misfits, who call themselves the Phantom Thieves.

They can control these awesome monsters called Personas to battle creepy shadow enemies in the Metaverse. They figure out that if they steal a ‘treasure’ from deep inside a person’s Palace, that person has a change of heart and becomes a better person in real life. So, the gang goes on a wild adventure to make the world a better place by changing people’s hearts.

This quick overview doesn’t do justice to this 100+ hour epic. One of the most impressive things about Persona 5 Royal is how it keeps things moving at a great pace.

Yeah, it could be shorter if they cut some dialogue, but it uses its time wisely to create an amazing cast of characters and a plot that keeps you on your toes.

The dialogue is top-notch, making conversations feel natural and the relationships between the Phantom Thieves develop at a believable and logical pace. Big plot twists and important events are well set up throughout Persona 5 Royal, and the finale wraps everything up with a nice little bow.

This isn’t your typical JRPG that gets out of control as it goes on. Even though playing Persona 5 Royal non-stop might feel a bit slow (like we did for this review), it’s one of those rare games that totally justifies its length.

Persona 5 Royal Gameplay

Gameplay in Persona 5 is like a delicious sandwich with two super tasty halves: your normal life and your life in the Metaverse.

A big part of the game’s charm comes from juggling activities in both halves. The story moves forward through different ‘arcs’ where you’ve got to snatch a treasure from someone’s Palace before a deadline, or it’s game over. Usually, you’ve got about two in-game weeks to pull off the heist, and what you do each day is totally up to you.

Your real life gets you to do everyday stuff like studying, doing laundry, or hanging out with your friends. Each activity makes time tick forward, and before you know it, you’ve gotta hit the sack, and the deadlines a day closer.

There’s no “wrong” way to spend your time, but the game nudges you to set priorities and work on long-term goals since you can’t cram everything into one day.

The secret sauce of your ordinary life is the Social Links system, which keeps track of how close you are to different characters. Social Links not only give you juicy details about each character’s backstory and motivations but also grant cool passive abilities to help you in the Metaverse and level up your Personas faster.

For example, reach level 7 with Ryuji’s Social Link, and you might just KO weak enemies right when you run into them. Sweet!

Social Links

So, using Social Links is like a fun mix of strategy and getting into the character’s story. Who you become BFFs with can directly impact your Metaverse battles, so you’ve gotta think twice about who you’re not hanging out with.

Just like in real life, schedules can clash, and if you’re eyeing a sweet passive ability from leveling up someone’s Social Link.

You might need to reshuffle your own plans to make sure you can chill with them when they’re free.

When you’re done with homework and your part-time gig, it’s time to kick some Shadow butt in the Metaverse. This is where things feel like a classic JRPG Persona 5 Royal as you explore huge, themed dungeons filled with puzzles, loot, and baddies.

Each Palace is tailor-made and only around for the story chapter, it’s in.

Plus, there’s a mega-dungeon called Mementos with randomly generated floors of challenges that get tougher as you go. Both types of dungeons are like choose-your-own-adventure mazes with a main path to the end, but they’ll tempt you with side quests and hidden goodies along the way.

Persona 5 Royal Combat

Now, let’s talk about the real showstopper: combat! Persona 5 Royal takes the MegaTen series’ Press Turn system and turns it into the super fun One More system.

Most baddies have a weakness to at least one of the nine elements, and if you hit ’em with their weakness, they’ll be stunned, and your attacking party member gets ‘one more’ turn. You can use this extra turn for another action, or do a Baton Pass to another character, which powers up their damage and healing.

Keep passing the baton, and you’ll unleash some serious whoopin’! Plus, if you stun all the enemies, you trigger a “Hold Up!” scene where you can make demands or launch an All-Out Attack with your whole team for massive damage.

We love this clever take on turn-based combat from Persona 5 Royal. It nudges you to plan a few moves ahead and make the most of cool mechanics like Baton Passes. It’s almost like a strategy or puzzle game, as you figure out the best way to beat your foes without draining your limited resources. Sure, buffs and debuffs matter in boss fights, but Persona is a bit more chill compared to its parent series.

There are tons of ways to outsmart the combat system, but if you’re not feeling it or just want a more laid-back experience, Persona 5 won’t give you a hard time for playing at a lower skill level.


Each party member has a set Persona with specific skills and abilities, but Joker, our “Wild Card”, can rock multiple Personas.

This lets him switch ‘classes’ or abilities like a superhero, making him the MVP of the team.

You can snag new Personas by sweet-talking enemies after a battle or by combining your current collection to create more powerful ones. We dig this aspect of character building because it encourages you to try different playstyles and strategies. You’ll have to change up your team quite a bit since your battle prowess depends on your Personas, and they can only level up so much before you hit a plateau.

A less cool game might make this feel like a drag, but Persona 5 Royal cleverly lets you buy back any lost or fused Personas with in-game cash. So, you can keep experimenting, fusing, and exploring without freaking out about messing up your progress.

As the souped-up “Royal” edition of Persona 5, this release packs a bunch of new content and improvements that tackle most of the (rare) gripes from the original release.

The cherry on top is a whole third semester added to the end of the game—around 20 to 30 hours of the extra story—plus a new Phantom Thief named Kasumi. But the real goodies lie in the smaller tweaks like the game’s faster start and Palace redesigns to accommodate a new grappling hook that makes exploring a breeze.

If you’ve already played the original Persona 5, you might want to think before diving into this mammoth game again. But let’s be clear: Persona 5 Royal is the ultimate edition of Persona 5, and it’s not even a contest.


Persona 5 Royal is an amazing game that every JRPG fan should try. It has a deep and moving story, cool looks, awesome music, and lets you make lots of choices. The game is really stylish and has fantastic characters. The music is unique and you won’t get tired of it, even after playing for a long time.

The voice acting is top-notch in both English and Japanese, making the characters come to life. This Switch version works great, even if the graphics aren’t as sharp as on PlayStation. It’s worth it to play this huge game on the go.

In short, Persona 5 Royal is a must-play for JRPG fans. It’s one of the best RPGs of the last ten years, and you shouldn’t miss it. If you’ve played it before, think about whether the Switch’s portability is worth buying it again. But for everyone else, grab this game as soon as you can.

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