Pillars of Eternity Cheats | New 2023

Below is a simplified guide to the various cheat codes available in the game, Pillars of Eternity.

Each cheat code serves a different function and assists the player in achieving success within the game.

Pillars of Eternity Cheats

Iroll20This Pillars of Eternity command lets you wield all weapons and disables any previous achievements.
Addability (player name) (ability name)This code allows a particular player to gain specific skills and abilities.
Advancetimebyhours (number of hours)This code helps in fast-forwarding time.
Settime (time wanted)This allows you to leap forward in time. For instance, 9 am is 9000 and 1 pm is 13000. Remember, a day has 26 hours.
RestWith this command, you can rest no matter where you are or what your supplies are.
DifficultyThis Pillars of Eternity command lets you adjust the game difficulty to Easy (0), Medium (1), Hard (2).
AddExperience (value)This code gives additional experience points to the player.
GivePlayerMoney (value)This Pillars of Eternity command allows the player to add more money.
GodThis code allows all party members to become invincible.
NoFogUse this to remove any fog from your view.
UnlockAllMapsThis command unlocks all the locations on the Atlas.
InvisibleWith this cheat, you can become invisible and be ignored by enemies.
ToggleSpellLimitThis code enables you to cause unlimited destruction.
UnlockAllThis code unlocks all containers in the current area.

The cheats must be entered exactly as shown above, including the correct capitalization, for them to work properly.

Pillars of Eternity

To use these Pillars of Eternity cheats, you will need to open the console box in the game. This is typically done by typing the tilde symbol (~). Once the console box is open, you can enter these commands to activate the cheats. Remember, these commands may alter your gameplay experience and may disable some game features or achievements.

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