Pokemon Radical Red Cheats Up to Date 2023

Have you heard of Pokemon Radical Red, a cool ROM hack of FireRed? It has new features, radical red cheats, and a harder difficulty level. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of radical red cheats.

Cheats can be really helpful when you don’t want to spend too much time playing the game. But, remember to use them in moderation and be disciplined.

radical red cheats

We’ve also included videos to help you understand how to use the cheats properly. And, make sure to turn on the cheats in the right way and avoid turning on too many cheats at once, or your game might crash.

So, get ready to take your Pokemon Radical Red gameplay to the next level with these cheats.

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats

This is the Radical Red Cheats code list that is working:

  • Walk Through Walls
  • Unlimited Master Ball
  • Unlimited TM/HM
  • Unlimited Rare Candy
  • Unlock All Badges
  • Unlimited Healing Items
  • Unlimited Misc Items
  • Unlimited Berries
  • Teleport/Warp To Certain Places
  • Instant Kill
  • Poke Mart Items Cost 1
  • Max Stats
  • Shiny Pokemon Encounter
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited PP
  • Unlimited EXP
  • Wild Pokemon Nature Modifier
  • Wild Pokemon Gender Modifier

Shared Cheats

  • Z Moves, Fossils and Wishing piece, Shared by: Fuzzy Frog
  • Gems And Msc Items, Shared By: Ardi The Fail Whale
  • Bottle Caps, Shared by: Jaydon Holdiman
  • Fast Egg Hatch by: JohnPlayz1123
  • Get any Mega Stone by: Geno
  • Mega Ring and All Mega Stones, shared by: Mark Yliherr/thi
  • Hisuian Wild Pokemon Modifier by: thatonekid


If you enjoy playing Pokemon Radical Red, using cheats may make your gaming experience simpler. Just keep in mind that using them too frequently could take away from its challenge; use them wisely and sparingly for best results.

Unfortunately, some of the most sought-after cheats like Rare Candies and Master Balls aren’t included with this hack, but that shouldn’t deter you; Max Stats and Unlimited Money still prove useful tools.

As this game is designed to be challenging, using cheats can provide some relief; just don’t go overboard by activating too many at once or you might cause damage. Get creative when choosing how to utilize cheats – having fun is half the battle.

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