Power Revolution Cheat Codes 2022 Edition

The Power Revolution cheat codes for 2022 Edition arrive with a fresh set of upgrades, among which is an artificial intelligence system designed to mimic the actions of nations, a totally reimagined user interface, enhanced graphics and audio quality, along with new scenarios including the U.S. Presidential Election and the Ukraine conflict. Venture into various political structures, maneuver public sentiment, safeguard your populace from health crises, combat the challenges of climate change, and much more. The responsibility to sculpt our future lies in your hands.

power revolution cheat codes

Active Power Revolution Cheat Codes

Alberteinsteinisalive!Use it to get Longer term technological research is considerably reduced.
Helpmepresidentwashingsky!Use it to get Can not lose the game, however, the break is no longer available.
Iamthearchitect!Use it to get 7 days max for all constructions.
Ihopetheywillnotputschme!Use it to get Add 100 units to 5 stars.
Itoldyou2012wastheend!Use it to get The game is over, be careful to freeze slightly.
Mypeoplelikeme!Use it to get a +10% increase in popularity.
Nelsonmandelapower!Use it to get All the countries of the world will love you.
Trustmeyeswecan!Use it to get All parties, organizations, etc.
Welovetheworld!Use it to get Makes other nations like you.
Whereismyslushfund!Use it to get Increase the state budget, bringing growth to more than 100% (max 900%).

That’s it for power revolution cheat codes. Want more cheat codes for your favorite games? Visit our Cheat Codes Page by clicking here.

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