Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Take a Bath?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, if you want to keep your character clean you can do it by taking the bath. You will do it perfectly if you follow this guide.

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Finding a Bathroom:

In the game, you spend most of your time roaming the dusty countryside and generally getting covered in dirt. You must first find a bathroom where you may take a bath. 

Valentine Hotel:

You can head to a salon, general store, or hotel in any town and rent a bath or a room with a bath option. The Valentine Hotel is an option as well. 

Go to the clerk who will allow you to rent a bathroom when you go to them. Renting a room is another option, but be sure to select one with a bathroom.

Locating the bath icon on the mini map:

You only need to check for the bath icon on your mini map if you’re not sure where to go. It looks like a cup and is usually located right around the corner or upstairs.

After you’ve located the bath, go in there and begin scrubbing. The bath sequence is a mini game, so get ready to tap different buttons to wash each part of your body. 

If you don’t want to scrub yourself, you may choose the lux bath, which will have someone else do it for you.

Change the clothes:

After taking the bath, you need to change your clothes to have a clean look. Head over to the wardrobe and pick out a fresh outfit to really show off your newfound cleanliness.

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