Redfall Release Date, Trailer, and Updates

Arkane Austin’s highly anticipated co-op first-person shooter Redfall finally has a release date. Combining retro horror aesthetics and an exciting open-world setting, Redfall promises players a thrilling journey as they battle hordes of bloodthirsty vampires. Redfall release date is still a mystery in itself.

Let’s review some of the aspects to see if Redfall lives up to its hype!

Redfall Release Date

After much anticipation and a lengthy delay, Redfall is finally going to release on May 2, 2023. It will be available for Xbox Series X, S, and PC. With day-one access for Redfall Xbox Game Pass subscribers and RedfaPl C Game Pass members alike. PlayStation lovers might miss Redfall’s zombie apocalypse.

Redfall Release Date

Redfall Release Date Trailers

Leading up to its release, Redfall’s trailers showcased captivating gameplay, captivating story elements, and an eclectic cast of characters. Here’s their latest trailer:

You can check all of them out on Bethesda’s official YouTube channel. They will give you a taste of the intense action and immersive atmosphere players can expect from Redfall.

Platforms for Redfall Release Date

Redfall is a Microsoft-owned platform exclusive. And available only on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately, Sony and Nintendo fans will miss out on this vampire-slaying experience.

Gameplay Modes

Redfall is a multiplayer co-op game, offering you and up to three friends the choice between four characters with unique skills and combat capabilities. Together, you’ll traverse the open-world town of Redfall, engaging in battles against vampires and humans alike. These battles will range from minor skirmishes to major conflicts.

Redfall Release Date

Though you aren’t required to work together with your teammates, the game does offer incentives for cooperation without making it a requirement. It remains uncertain if enemy difficulty will increase based on player count, which could make sticking together an informal requirement.

Arkane recently confirmed that Redfall will support cross-platform play between Xbox and PC. Furthermore, this extends to different storefronts on PC so players who purchased the game through Steam, Epic, or Game Pass can still join forces for some vampire-slaying action.

At first glance, Redfall appeared to be primarily designed for multiplayer co-op play. But now there will also be a single-player option. Where each game character is capable of taking on every encounter in the game solo. It is great news for Arkane fans who were worried about missing out on all the excitement Redfall had to offer.

Redfall Release Date

Unfortunately, Bethesda has stated that Redfall requires an internet connection even for solo play; however, Arkane is working on a patch in response to negative feedback regarding this requirement.

Redfall Story

Redfall is set in the fictional island community of Redfall, Massachusetts which seemed primed for supernatural activity given its name. After a botched science experiment leaves them isolated from the outside world and filled with vampires, some human residents have chosen to betray their fellow survivors. Fans of Stephen King novels such as Salem’s Lot and Under The Dome, as well as Mike Flanagan’s 2021 Netflix series Midnight Mass, will likely enjoy this concept — I even spotted an amusing “Haven’s Lot” district on the map! So count me in!

Redfall Release Date

Each playable character possesses its own set of skills and combat abilities, which will vary depending on who else you team up with in co-op.

Don’t worry though; Arkane guarantees that every hero can handle every aspect of the game independently. Furthermore, each character has an upgradeable skill tree so you can customize their gameplay to your preferences.

Experience friendly NPCs in the game’s safe zones, ready to add some local flavor. These survivors will be your go-to source for supplies and side missions alike.

Of course, Arkane titles always promise an intriguing tale to discover as you explore its expansive open world.

Redfall itself has been described by Arkane as its own character with multiple districts each having its own distinct purpose and vibe; you won’t just encounter vampires infested reality here but you might also come across Stranger Things-esque pocket “psychic spaces” to explore or vampire nests (think regular enemy hideouts with pulsing hearts at their center) which may very well have been procedurally generated.


Redfall offers you four unique game characters to select from, each with its own abilities and weapons for taking down zombies.

This diverse cast includes:

Layla Ellison: A dedicated biomedical engineering student who found herself interning at a research facility, where a disastrous event unfolded, granting her formidable telekinetic powers.

Jacob Boyer: A seasoned ex-military marksman who transitioned into private contracting. Bizarre occurrences on Redfall have endowed Jacob with an enigmatic vampiric eye and an ever-present ghostly raven.

Remi de la Rosa: An ingenious combat engineer with a lifetime spent on the battlefield. Alongside her robotic companion, Bribón, she is resolved to aid in the rescue of Redfall’s survivors.

Devinder Crousley: A cryptozoologist with aspirations of becoming an inventor. Equipped with his self-engineered weaponry, he embarks on a quest to validate his potential.

As you progress in the game you will have the option to upgrade your character’s capabilities – an exciting feature as it allows for experimentation with various gameplay styles and loadouts to find what works best for you!


Redfall provides an engaging co-op FPS experience that successfully blends Arkane style with captivating gameplay and storytelling. With its diverse cast of characters, intense action sequences, and vast open-world environment it appeals to both solo and multiplayer gamers alike – though having to maintain an internet connection may be a drawback for some. 

Nonetheless, Redfall is undoubtedly a must-play for fans of co-op shooters and vampire-slaying adventures alike – don’t miss out on this blood-pumping journey – grab your stakes and prepare to fight!

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