Rise of Nations Cheats

Rise of Nations popped onto the scene back in 2003, and let me tell you, this game is still kicking butt in the Real Time Strategy (RTS) world even as we roll into 2020. If you’re a fan of history and strategy, this game has got your name written all over it.

In the game, you get to upgrade your troops and tech – and that’s a task you’ll want to dive into right off the bat. Imagine your army, equipped with long-barreled guns, taking on a squad of spearmen. It’s like seeing a mashup of different eras, all in one battlefield.

Rise of Nations Gameplay

The game takes bits and pieces from a bunch of strategy games, stirring them all into one epic experience. Crush your enemies, take over their lands, and make your empire rich by nabbing their loot. Seriously, Rise of Nations gives you so many ways to grow your empire, you’ll be hooked by how deep the gameplay and story go.

Now, sometimes you might find yourself running low on resources or other in-game stuff. Don’t sweat it, because cheat codes are here to save the day. With these Rise of Nations codes, you can rack up resources, and items, and even pull off some crazy stuff like making your character kick the bucket.

To use the Rise of Nations cheat codes, just pull up the chat menu and type “cheat keys on.” Then punch in the cheat code you want to use, and boom – instant reward! Trust me, Rise of Nations is a game that’ll keep you coming back for more.

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Rise of Nations PC Cheats

war (nation name)This cheat code will declare the war on the specified nation.
victory (nation name)Automatic victory for the specified nation.
pause (0 or 1)This cheat code is used to pause or unpause the game.
computer (name)This code is used to turn on the computer control.
human (name)This cheat code will turn off the computer control.
reveal (on or off)This code helps you to display the full map.
age (number)(nation name)This cheat code will change the age of the any particular nation by specifying the name and number in the sntax..
military (number)(nation name)This code is used to change the military level for a particular nation.
library (number)(nation name)You can change the library tech level for a specified nation with this cheat code.
commerce (number)(nation name)This code is used to change the commerce level for a specified nation.
achieveThis cheat code will display the achievements.
diff (0-5)This code is used to set the difficulty to a specified number.
safeThis cheat code will place submachine gunners around the human capitals.
peace (nation name)This code forces peace with the particular nation by specifying the nation name in the syntax. .
dieYou can kill all the selected units by executing this code.
finishThis cheat code will automatically finish the building or next item.
unmeet (nation name)This code is used to turn off the encounters with specified nation.
meet (nation name)You can initiate an encounter with the particular nation by using this code.
birdThis code is used to spawn a bird at mouse cursor location.
nukeThis cheat code will drop the nuke at the mouse cursor location.
defeat (nation name)Automatically defeats specified nation.
ally (nation name)This cheat codeforces an alliance with the specified nation.
ai (on, off or debug)This code is used to set the AI state to on, off, or debug.
resource all+1000This cheat code will give you 1,000 more resources.

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