Runescape Guide – Enlightened Journey

Get ready to begin an exciting Enlightened Journey quest. As a player, you will be tasked with helping the Entrana monk Auguste in setting up a hot air balloon transportation system.


To start the quest, head over to Auguste near the herblore shop. He will share his vision with you and ask for your help in building the hot air balloon. 

The materials required are a papyrus, an unlit candle, a ball of wool, and a sack of 10 potatoes. Gather the materials and bring them back to Auguste to begin the project.

Balloon-making skills tested by Auguste:

Auguste will first test your abilities by having you create a small balloon. Once you succeed in making it, Auguste will test it and then proceed to make a larger balloon that can carry passengers.

Instructions for Gathering Materials:

However, as he airs the balloon, a group of NPCs will attempt to destroy it. Auguste will then instruct you to gather 8 bags of sand, 10 silk, red dye, yellow dye, and a bowl. 

Now, take his sapling and an apple basket and go to the sand pit and fill 8 bags with sand. 

Silk and Willow Branches:

Once that’s done, teleport to Falador and head to the bank to retrieve the silk and willow branches. 

Create the Balloon Basket:

Take a ship back to Entrana and give the silk to Auguste to create the balloon basket. While he’s working on it, use the willow branches on the basket to complete it.

Instructions for Finishing the Balloon Project:

To finish the project, Auguste will need logs for the fire. Teleport to Falador to retrieve them from the bank and then return to Entrana to give them to Auguste. 

Then, simply drop the sandbags and burn the logs to control the flight of the balloon and reach the next island.

Upon reaching the new location, Auguste will thank you for your help and the quest will come to an end. 

Now you have access to the balloon transport system, a valuable resource for any Runescape adventurer.

Rewards for completing the Enlightened Journey quest:

Congratulations on completing the Enlightened Journey quest. It’s time to collect the rewards. You will get the following after finishing the quest successfully:

  • Ability to make origami balloons.
  • 4,000 fire-making XP.
  • 1,500 woodcutting XP.
  • The bomber jacket and cap.
  • 2,000 crafting XP.
  • 3,000 farming XP.
  • 1 quest point.
  • Access to the balloon transport system.


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