RuneScape Guide – How to Get Rune Pouches

Prepare yourself to learn about the Rune Pouches of RuneScape, which will advance your Runecrafting skills.

Importance of Pouches in Runescape:

These are special bags that can hold different amounts of Rune Essence or Pure Essence, which are essential ingredients in Runecrafting. Pouches help you to level up your Runecrafting quickly.

Abyss mini-quest:

In addition, it all starts with completing the Abyss mini-quest. You will then get access to the Abyss and a small pouch after completing the quest. 

The Abyss is a weird underground dungeon filled with deadly creatures, but don’t be scared off just yet.

Kill the leeches of Runescape:

After getting into the Abyss, keep an eye out for leeches. As you kill one of these pesky creatures, you will get a pouch. In addition, the more leeches you kill will enhance your chances of getting the giant pouch.

The largest pouch you can obtain is the giant pouch, which is the ultimate prize for any Runecrafter.

Choose the pouch:

You should be aware that once you have a giant pouch, you cannot get any additional pouches. 

So, make sure to choose wisely and think carefully about which pouch would be most useful for your Runecrafting requirements.


In conclusion, pouches are a valuable asset in the world of Runecrafting. With the right pouch, you can hold more essence and create more runes, which can help you level up your Runecrafting skills quickly.


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