Saints Row 4 Cheats | Updated 2023

Saints Row 4 is the newest installment in the beloved Saints Row series, introducing a fresh protagonist and captivating storyline. As always, Saints Row 4 features all your beloved elements like UFOs, aliens, and conspiracy theories – plus those iconic cheat codes to turn your gaming experience into an exciting wild adventure! But Saints Row 4 Cheats are even better.

Cheat codes offer an exciting way to enhance the open-world gameplay and freedom that Saints Row is known for. So let’s explore all of the available cheat codes for Saints Row 4 without further delay.

What do Saints Row 4 Cheat Codes do?

Cheat codes in Saints Row 4 give players immediate access to a large portion of the game’s content, enabling them to maximize their skills or acquire vast sums of money. The game embraces an energetic atmosphere that allows users to explore and interact with the world as they like.

Saints Row 4 Cheats

Though the option to spawn every weapon and vehicle has been removed, the game still provides a thrilling experience. It is essential to note that activating these cheat codes will prevent you from making any progress or earning any achievements or trophies within the game.

All Saints Row 4 Cheats

Here’s a list of all the available Saints Row 4 cheat codes. You can use these to do anything from unlocking special abilities to generating cash out of thin air. Here’s the complete table: 

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
supertkUnlocks the Telekinesis superpower immediately.
superstompUnlocks the Stomp superpower immediately.
superblastUnlocks the Blast superpower immediately.
superbuffUnlocks the Buff superpower immediately.
superdfaUnlocks the Death From Above ability immediately.
vroomYour vehicle becomes indestructible.
supermoveUnlocks the super movement powers.
nosupermoveDisables super-powered movement abilities.
nosuperpowersDisables all elemental superpowers.
fryholeAll your victims will float to the skies.
cheeseGives you $100k immediately and can be reused.
runfastYour sprint lasts forever without fatigue.
goodygoodyClears all your notoriety.
isquishyouYour vehicle demolishes and smashes all other vehicles.
notratedAll your victims will explode.
goldengunFirearms kills in a single shot.
repaircarCompletely repairs all damage done to your vehicle.
letsrockYou get a randomized loadout of weapons.
givehovercarPuts the hovercar into your garage.
givehovertankPuts the hover tank into your garage.
giveufoPuts the UFO into your garage.
unlockitallUnlocks and purchases all non-super upgrades.
slowmoSlows down time.
fastforwardSpeeds up time.
givetroublePuts the XOR into your garage(it’s a hoverbike).
givemonsterPuts a monster truck into your garage.
asciiASCII MODE. The game will render with ASCII graphics.
nowardensWardens will no longer spawn.
instantwardenInstantly spawns a warden.
mascotTurns all pedestrians into mascots.
hohohoAll pedestrians will spawn as pimps, and hos.
insanecityEveryone in the city goes insane.
evilcarsAll vehicles become hostile to you.
noglitchcityRemoves the glitch effects.
bigheadmodeEveryone has a big head.
dlc_car_massYour vehicle will gain mass and smash everything in its path.
dlc_never_dieBecome unkillable.
dlc_unlimited_ammoAll weapons have infinite ammo.
dlc_unlimited_clipYour clip becomes infinite, so you no longer have to reload.
dlc_sosuperUnlocks and purchases all Super Power Upgrades.
dlc_superduperMaxes out Super Power Strength.

How to use Saints Row 4 Cheat Codes?

Are you uncertain how to activate the cheat codes you’ve acquired for Saints Row 4, don’t fret – it’s simple. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the game and load your save file.
  • Open your in-game phone to access “Extras.”
  • Select “Cheats” before clicking “Add Cheats.”
  • Manually type in any cheat codes desired to use and activate them.
  • The cheat will be activated immediately and added to your phone menu for future reference.

Saints Row 4 Cheats – Verdict

Saints Row 4 takes its trademark over-the-top anarchy to new levels, giving players an unprecedented degree of freedom to cause mayhem with cheat codes. But keep in mind that using cheats will prevent you from making progress and earning achievements.

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