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For the avid players of Scum who’ve been engrossed in its intense gameplay since its release in 2018, Scum cheats and admin commands have become an integral part of the game.

For those new to the game or unaware of this feature, Scum cheats are powerful tools that allow players to manipulate the game in various ways. They can be used to spawn items or characters, teleport players, alter game settings, and much more.

To access these commands, you simply need to press the ‘T’ key on your keyboard, which opens up the chat box. All commands are initiated with a hashtag (#). It’s also important to note that while Scum Cheats are not case-sensitive, spaces within an item’s name should be replaced with underscores (_).

In addition to the wide range of Scum Cheats, players can also use NPC spawn codes, item IDs, and vehicle spawn codes.

Now, let’s delve into the various commands and codes you can use in Scum.

Hash#This command displays all available commands, useful if you forget something.
List Players#listplayersDisplays the list of players connected to the current server.
Kick#kick [player]Kicks a player from the server.
Ban#ban [player]Bans a player from the server.
List Items#listitems [search term]Provides a list of all in-game items or specific items if specified.
List Characters#listcharacters [search term]Shows all or specific characters depending on the search term.
List Vehicles#listvehicles [search term]Lists all vehicles on the server and their locations.
Location#location [player]Check the location of a specific player.
Spawn Item#spawnitem [item code] [amount]Spawns a specific item in a specific quantity in front of you.
Spawn Character#spawncharacter [npc code] [amount]Spawns a specific NPC in front of you.
Spawn Vehicle#spawnvehicle [vehicle code]Summons a specific vehicle.
Teleport#teleport [player] [x] [y] [z]Teleports your player or another to a specific location.
Teleport To Player#teleporttoplayer [player]Teleports a specific player to another’s location. If no player is specified, it teleports you.
Set Fame Points#setfamepoints [amount] [player]Sets a player’s fame points to a specific amount.
Set Fame Points To All Online#setfamepointstoallonline [amount]Sets all online players’ fame points to a specific value.
Set Fame Points To All#setfamepointstoall [amount]Sets all players’ (online and offline) fame points to a specific value.
Set Time#settime [0 – 24]Sets the time of day in the game.
Set Weather#setweather [0 – 1]Adjusts the weather in the game.
Visualize Bullet Trajectories#visualizebullettrajectories [true / false]Toggles bullet trajectory visualization on or off. It’s only visible to the command giver.
scum cheats

Various items, NPCs, and vehicles can also be spawned using specific Scum cheats. Here are some examples:

Scum Cheats | Item IDs

1911 Silver1911
Grenade 40 Mm40mm_G
Shotgun Ammunition Box Closed12_Gauge_Ammobox_Closed
Kitchen Knife1H_KitchenKnife

NPC Spawn Codes


Vehicle Spawn Codes

Orange SUVBP_SUV_01_B
Police SUV 1BP_SUV_01_C
Black SUVBP_SUV_01_E

By utilizing these commands and codes, players can manipulate the Scum world in unique ways, providing a more tailored and enjoyable gaming experience.

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