Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Review 2023

Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition is a nostalgic game. And nostalgia can be quite a peculiar creature, driving you to extraordinary lengths and yet, often leaving you unsatisfied at the conclusion. Take my case, for instance. I’ve gone to significant lengths to recreate my Sega Saturn days. However, I’ve probably spent just about thirty minutes actually playing these games.

With such a mindset, I eagerly dived into the remake of The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. Featuring enhanced graphics and the vocal talents from Curse of The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, it appeared a surefire hit! And in many ways, it is – not least because the original game largely stands the test of time.

Now, I understand that not all of you may be seasoned The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition enthusiasts. 1) A travesty! 2) Here’s a brief synopsis: you step into the shoes of bumbling aspiring pirate, Guybrush Threepwood. On your dual quest for piracy and the heart of a certain Governor, you must solve a myriad of puzzles and thwart the efforts of ghost pirate LeChuck, who is also pursuing the Governor.

What ensues is an intriguing concoction of intricate puzzles and copious amounts of well-penned humor. Despite the passing years, this remains one of the more engaging narratives in the realm of video games. The irreverent tone, endearing characters, and clever dialogue all fuse to weave an immensely entertaining story.

That’s the original. The remake overlays this with a layer of high-definition artwork and animation. Yet, as it runs directly on the original version, it retains the same (limited) frames of animation, which can seem slightly disconcerting at first. You quickly acclimate, however – plus, you can effortlessly switch between the old and new versions with a single button press, a neat feature that more remakes should adopt. It provides both newcomers and long-time fans a chance to witness the evolution of the game.

secret of monkey island special edition

Now that the game isn’t confined to the capacity of a few floppy disks, The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition voice cast has been enlisted. They deliver a good performance, though it feels somewhat forced – given that the original dialogue and pacing weren’t designed with vocal expression in mind in The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition.

The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Review

There are two perspectives to approach this game. One, through the lens of nostalgia: if you experienced Monkey Island in its heyday, seize this version (it’s a bargain!) to relive your youth. Setting nostalgia aside, newcomers will discover an adventure game that’s thoroughly enjoyable (and affordable!), even though I personally believe it slightly unravels towards the end.

Either way, this game offers value – it’s been remade with love and has weathered the years far better than titles like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you value a good laugh and enjoy clever puzzles, don’t hesitate to explore this game!

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