Sekiro Boss Guide: How To Defeat The Blazing Bull

Get ready to begin an exciting challenge of defeating the Blazing Bull mini boss in Sekiro. He is located at the beginning of the Ashina Castle area, this Blazing Bull is not to be taken lightly. 

But fear not, we have listed down the steps to defeat this mini-boss and earn some great rewards.

Approaching Ashina Castle:

Firstly, as you make your way towards Ashina castle, be sure to take down the three enemies on your way. 

Otherwise, they may follow you into the battle arena and make your fight even more challenging.

Attack the Blazing Bull:

Once you reach the location, the Blazing Bull will come towards you, smashing through the wooden fences. Now all you need to do is use a firecracker against the bull to temporarily stun him, then aim your attacks at his head. 

Striking the head will deal more damage compared to attacking the body.

After a few successful hits, the Blazing Bull will start going crazy, hitting himself against the wall. You should use this chance to your full advantage and attack the bull. 

Keep hitting him until he finally falls down.

Final Hit:

The Blazing Bull will rise up again, ready to continue the fight. Now is your moment to deliver the final hit. Jump high and strike his head one last time to defeat the Blazing Bull.

After defeating the Blazing Bull you will get valuable rewards that will help you on your journey.

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