[SOLVED] Why does Apex Legends Crash on my PC?

Are you a Windows 10 user who enjoys playing Apex Legends, but experiences random crashes when trying to start the game?  You’re not the only player who has experienced Apex Legends crash.

But don’t worry, fixing this issue is not too complicated. Follow these simple steps to know “How to fix Apex Legends crash?”. There could be software or hardware problems, or maybe your drivers are not up-to-date which might cause Apex Legends to crash.

Facing the stubborn r5apex.exe issue when trying to play Apex Legends? Click here for the solution.

This guide will help you troubleshoot and solve the problem of random crashes in Apex Legends. Let’s start by learning how to fix these irritating errors and random crashes on Windows 10.

Disable Programs Fix

Open your Task Manager and look for any programs that might be causing the Apex Legends crash. You need to close the unnecessary programs running in the background while playing.

To fix this issue click the Processes tab and end any processes that might be displaying an overlay while you play, like Discord, Steam, or your antivirus software. 

Apex Legends crash can be fixed by turning off programs that automatically start when your computer turns on. This is particularly important if many programs start automatically. 

You can disable these programs in the Startup section. They might be the cause of the game running slower. 

apex legends crash

Fix Apex Legends Crash – Verify Game Files

If you’re still having trouble playing Apex Legends then there’s another easy solution to fix Apex Legends crash. 

  • First, open your Origin Launcher and head to the “My Game Library” section. 
  • Second, right-click on the Apex Legends game and select the “Repair” option. 

This will ensure that your game files are functioning properly. Now you can play your favorite game – Apex Legend.

Fix Apex Legends Crash – Compatibility Settings 

To fix Apex Legends crash you need to find the Apex Legends folder in your Program Files and locate the r5apex file. Once you’re there, open the properties of the file.

There you have the Compatibility tab in the program’s properties. 

  • Now, check the “Run the program in compatibility mode for” and select the Windows 7 option in the Compatibility mode. 
  • Moreover, select the “Run the program as an administrator” box in Settings before clicking Apply.


In conclusion, if you’re experiencing random crashes when playing Apex Legends and wondering “How to fix Apex Legends crashes”, there are simple steps to fix Apex Legends crashes. 

Disabling unnecessary programs, ending overlay processes, verifying game files, and changing Compatibility settings can help you enjoy playing without the random crashes. By following these easy solutions on “How to fix Apex Legends crash”, you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any frustration.

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