Sorry Board Game Rules, Review, & More

The Sorry board game by Hasbro is an exciting and engaging Pachisi-style game that promises endless hours of fun for friends and family alike.

This classic game has been a favorite for generations, and for good reason. With its easy-to-learn sorry board game rules and captivating gameplay, it’s no wonder that players keep coming back for more.

Sorry Board Game Gameplay

Each participant selects three pieces of the same hue and positions them in the corresponding starting zone. Thoroughly mix the cards and arrange them facedown in the middle of the board.

Sorry Board Game

The youngest player initiates the game, with turns progressing in a clockwise direction.

During your turn:

Draw a card from the SORRY! stack and adhere to the directions displayed.

Discard the card face up in the designated area.

When no cards are left to draw, reshuffle the discarded cards and place them face down in the center of the board.

Launching a Piece

Any forward-moving card can move a piece from its starting zone.

Board Navigation

Pieces advance in a clockwise fashion unless a card indicates otherwise.

Leaping and Displacing

You may leap over your own or another player’s piece if it obstructs your path, treating it as a single space.

However, if your piece lands on a space already occupied by an adversary’s piece, send that piece back to its starting zone and claim the spot!

Occupied Squares

Your pieces can only occupy one square at a time, with the exception of starting and home zones.

If your only potential move would require landing on a space already filled by another one of your pieces, you must skip your turn.

If you are unable to make a move, you must forfeit your turn. However, if you can move, you must do so even if it’s disadvantageous!

Sorry Board Game: Board Rules


Whenever you land precisely on the triangle at the beginning of a glide that displays your color, glide to the end and displace any obstructing pieces − including your own! − back to their starting zones.

If you land on a glide that does not display your color, simply remain on the triangle.

Safe Zone

Only you can enter your own colored safe territory. All other rules are applicable. Pieces cannot enter their safe territory by moving backward. However, they can move backward out of their safe territory.

Safe Zone Entrance

While navigating the outer track, you cannot move your piece forward beyond your own safe territory entrance. However, you can move past the entrance by moving backward (using a 4 or 10 card).

Home Base

You must guide all three of your pieces to the home base with an exact count. Once a piece reaches home, it remains there and waits for other pieces to arrive.

Card Functions

1. Move one of your pawns forward one space.

2. Move one of your pawns forward two spaces.

3. Move one of your pawns forward three spaces.

4. Move one of your pawns backward four spaces.

5. Move one of your pawns forward five spaces.

6. Move one of your pawns forward seven spaces or split the forward move between two of your pawns.

7. If you use part of the seven to get a pawn home, you must be able to use the balance of the move for another pawn.

8. Move one of your pawns forward eight spaces.

9. Move one of your pawns forward ten spaces or move one of your pawns backward one space.

10. Move one of your pawns forward 11 spaces or switch any one of your pawns with an opponent’s.

11. You may forfeit your move if you do not wish to change places and it is impossible to go forward 11 spaces.

12. You may only switch pawns in play on the open track, not at the start, at home, or in a safety zone.

13. If your switch landed you on a triangle at the beginning of a slide that shows your color, slide to the end.

14. Move one of your pawns forward 12 spaces.

15. Move a pawn from your start area to take the place of another player’s pawn, which must return to its own start area. Or move one of your pawns forward four spaces.

16. If there is no pawn on your start or no opponent’s pawn is on any space you can move to and you cannot move any of your pawns four spaces, you forfeit your turn.

End of the Game

Lead all three of your pieces home before your opponents to claim victory and end a sorry board game.

Sorry Board Game: Difficulty Level

The Sorry board game offers a balanced mix of luck and strategy, making it suitable for players of various skill levels.

While the outcome can be heavily influenced by the cards drawn, strategic use of cards like the “11” card (which allows players to swap places with an opponent) and the “backward 4” card can significantly impact the game’s direction.

Is Sorry Board Game replayable?

Absolutely! The ever-changing nature of the game, combined with the multiple ways to play and the different strategies players can employ, ensures that the Sorry board game remains engaging and replayable. No two games are ever the same, and players will find themselves eager to try their luck or hone their strategy with each new round.

Sorry Board Game – Verdict

In conclusion, the Sorry board game by Hasbro is a timeless classic that continues to entertain and challenge players of all ages.

With its easy-to-learn sorry board game rules, captivating gameplay, and a perfect blend of luck and strategy, it’s an excellent choice for family game nights or friendly gatherings. Whether you’re playing the traditional version or opting for a more strategic experience, the Sorry board game delivers an unforgettable experience.

So gather your friends and family, and try your hand at this thrilling game, or even explore the sorry board game online for added convenience and enjoyment.

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