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Once upon a time in the year 2020, an adventure survival video game called Stranded Deep emerged.

The thrill of the game was set in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean where the players found themselves completely alone. It was a fight against the elements, a test of survival against insurmountable odds.

The player had to become a wanderer, venturing through the treacherous terrains and the abyss of the ocean to unearth resources and beneficial items.

Hunger, a constant companion, pushed the players to hunt and gather food for survival and strength. The acquired items were the tools of survival – crafting necessary equipment, building safe havens for living, and growing crops for a sustainable food supply were all part of this rigorous yet exciting ordeal.

Powerful bosses roamed the realms of this virtual world, providing players with the opportunity to confront them, defeat them, and gain generous rewards. This mesmerizing world of Stranded Deep, waiting to be discovered, was brought to life on PC, Playstation, and Xbox platforms.

stranded deep

Below is a straightforward table that lists cheat codes you can use in Stranded Deep, along with their descriptions.

Stranded Deep Cheats

Cheat CodesDescription
clearErases history for command entries (True/False)Adjusts the reflection effects for in-game fog
dev.console (True/False)Displays the full developer console
dev.godLets players fly around the map and become immune from damage
dev.log.clearErases all log entries
dev.log.dumpSpawns a log on the desktop, which is vital for crafting items like splints and rafts
dev.log.viewDisplays the log in the console
dev.options listShows the current output for the game
dev.time (0-24)Allows players to change the time of day in hourly increments (True/False)Adjusts the visual effects for in-game fog
fps (True/False)Displays the game’s frames per second
help (command)Provides understanding for a specific command
help listDisplays the full list of game commands

How to Enable Stranded Deep Console Commands?

To navigate the use of these cheat codes, one first needs to access the developer’s console. Simply use the “\” key. A pop-up screen will surface. Here is where the “~” key comes in handy, activating the use of these cheat codes.

Unleash these commands, transform your gaming experience, and let your survival story unfold in Stranded Deep.

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