Surprising Facts About Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is full of interesting and surprising information.

1.  Authentic Job Simulator: The game allows players to take on the role of trucker, and deliver cargo in different European cities. The gameplay is intended to simulate a real-life truck driving experience. This includes following traffic laws, managing your fuel consumption, and sticking to the delivery schedule.

2.  Multiplayer support: “Euro Truck Simulator 2’s” multiplayer feature allows players to interact on the map and drive together. This feature enables collaborative driving, convoy formations, and even virtual trucks where players work together.

3.  Modding Community: The game features a very active and dedicated community of modders who create a variety of modifications. These include new trucks, trailers, and maps as well as gameplay enhancements. Mods allow you to greatly customize and enhance the game.

4.  Radio Stations – The game comes with a built-in internet radio player which lets players listen to their favorite radio stations while driving. The game supports both real-world radio and in-game music, creating a customized and immersive trucking environment.

5.  Updates to the Game and Support. SCS Software (the developers of “Euro Truck Simulator 2”) continues to update, support and maintain this game even years after it was released. To enhance gameplay, they regularly release free updates with new content, improvements, and bug fixes.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

6.  Fan Base and Online Community: This game has a large fan base and a vibrant online community. Players share screenshots, videos, and virtual trucking companies. They also engage in friendly competitions.

7.  Spin-offs. The success of the “Euro Truck Simulator 2”, led SCS Software to develop similar truck simulations, such as “American Truck Simulator”, and “Scania Truck Driving Simulator,” both of which are centered on driving Scania trucks in the United States.

8.  Global appeal: Although the focus of “Euro Truck Simulator 2 is on European trucking in Europe, it has gained worldwide popularity. Players from different countries and continents love the game. Its appeal extends beyond its intended audience.

These facts highlight the unique features of “Euro Truck Simulator 2”, which offers players a realistic experience in truck driving and fosters a vibrant, dedicated community.

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