Swordigo: Unveiling the Epic Adventure in This Game Review

Today, we’re reviewing Swordigo, one of the best games that many top streamers and gamers can’t stop talking about since its release.

And if you’re also a fan of games like Zelda or Mario, you’re in for a treat.

We are providing you with a detailed review of 16-bit Swordigo. We’re going deep into all the aspects that a gamer (that’s you) would wanna know about a game.

Such as its gameplay, is the story good? are graphics next level? and sounds, etc.

So, even if you’re known as a Mario master or you’re a newbie (no offense) and are new to the world of gaming, this article will definitely tell you more about this addictive piece of entertainment.

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Let’s dive in!


Swordigo is a platformer game that pays homage to classic games such as Zelda II, Castlevania II, and Metroid.

It features a basic RPG system that allows you to level up your character and a customizable control system. The game is available on both iPad and iPhone and uses iCloud syncing for your save file.

Swordigo Gameplay:

The gameplay is straightforward, consisting of platforming and battling enemies using sword and magic attacks.

The Left and right buttons move your character, while sword attack, magic attack, and jump buttons allow you to battle enemies and maneuver through difficult jumps.

Game also offers a customized HUD option that lets you move any of these buttons, as well as any part of the heads-up display, and make it fit your playing style.

The game also uses a basic RPG system, which allows you to level up your character after battling enemies and earning experience points.

Swordigo is challenging, especially for the bosses, but with practice, you’ll improve your sword and magic skills and become the victor.


The story of the game is a classic hero’s journey. A villager went missing in the nearby jungle, and you, an unnamed & unknown hero with spiky blue hair present yourself to find him.

You slowly learn magic spells, get better weapons, and enter mysterious dungeons.

While a simple, grid-based map helps you in carrying out these tasks, you’ll also come across portals.

These portals let you teleport to any other portal you’ve found on the map upon activation. It allows you quick access to previously explored areas.

While the story isn’t a necessity for the game, it does add a nostalgic flair.

Swordigo Graphics:

Swordigo’s graphics are not the best in terms of modern gaming, but it pays homage to the 8- and 16-bit legends of old.

Swordigo doesn’t pretend to be the prettiest game, but it makes up for it in gameplay and nostalgic value.

The two-dimensional world is filled with crevices and floating platforms you must traverse by jumping and double-jumping.

Evil beasts can be defeated with your sword and magic.

The sound effects, such as opening a treasure chest to discover loot, sound like an homage to old Zelda games.



The sound effects in game are a standout feature of the game.

They add to the nostalgic value, reminding you of classic games.

The music is not intrusive and fits the game well.

However, one unfortunate takeaway from the Zelda series is a constant beep that occurs when you’re low on health.

Is Swordigo replayable?

Swordigo is a highly replayable game. The game features different difficulty levels and a basic RPG system, which allows you to level up your character, giving you the incentive to replay the game.

The customizable control system also adds to its to ability to replay, allowing you to adjust the controls to your liking.


Swordigo is a gem of platforming fun and a tribute to classic games such as Zelda II, Castlevania II, and Metroid.

It’s not the prettiest game, but it makes up for it in gameplay and nostalgic value.

The game’s customizable control system, basic RPG system, and its ability to replay again and again make it an excellent addition to any iOS gaming library.

Swordigo goes to show that flashy graphics and cutscenes don’t make a game great. They just make it look nice.

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