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Tactical Weapons Pack


Tactical Weapons Pack is a shooting game. In Tactical Weapons Pack you choose between three exciting modes of play as well as multiple classes in order to blast your way to the top of the leaderboard. Choose your weapons carefully and take aim because this is a tactical shooting game that rewards quick thinking and a precise trigger finger.

You can choose between a tower defense style game where you must stop drones from making it to your finish line, an all-out shoot em’ up where you have thirty seconds to take down as many drones as possible and a sniper-style mission where your aim will be put to the ultimate test. Level up your class of hero and unlock new weapons to help blast your way through the competition and land dead center in first place.


Use your mouse to navigate the in-game menus and customize your player s well as weapon options. When the game starts you will use your mouse to aim at the enemies on screen. The targeting reticule is visible and follows your mouse. In order to open fire, you must press the left mouse button. When your weapon runs out of ammo it will automatically re-load but this will take time.


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