The Jumping Burger PS4 Overview & Save Game

The Jumping Burger PS4 game is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a fun and thrilling game for your kids. adorable. In this game, the goal is to make the burger jump from one platform to the next, collect coins, unique bonus items, and power-ups, and avoid obstacles. 

All you need to know about The Jumping Burger game is provided here.

The Jumping Burger PS4 Gameplay

The gameplay of The Jumping Burger is incredibly fun and engaging. The game starts with a burger placed on a platform. And your goal is to make it jump from one platform to another. 

Furthermore, the burger jumps automatically, and you have to tap the screen at the right time to make it jump to the next platform. As you progress through the game, the platforms become more challenging, and the obstacles increase in difficulty.

The Jumping Burger Trophy Guide

There are 21 The Jumping Burger trophies, including 1 platinum, 9 gold, 5 silver, and 6 bronze.

It’s Burger time!Do jump 25 times.
TastyDo jump 50 times
More TastyDo jump 75 times
Super TastyDo jump 100 times
Mega TastyDo jump 125 times
Amazing TastyDo jump 150 times
Super Mega TastyDo jump 175 times
Super Mega Amazing TastyDo jump 200 times
More Super Mega Amazing TastyDo jump 225 times
Double Beef BugerDo jump 250 times
Chicken BurgerDo jump 275 times
Veggie BurgerDo jump 300 times
Pulled pork BurgerDo jump 325 times
Classic BurgerDo jump 350 times
Cheese BurgerDo jump 375 times
Chilli Cheese BurgerDo jump 400 times
Angus BurgerDo jump 425 times
Honey Mustard BurgerDo jump 450 times
BBQ BurgerDo jump 475 times
Bacon Jam BurgerDo jump 500 times
Now I’m HungryCollect All Other Trophies

Collect Coins, Bonus Items, and Power-Ups

One of the exciting aspects of The Jumping Burger is the collection of coins, bonus items, and power-ups. Coins are scattered throughout the game, and collecting them will give you points. 

Bonus items include items like fries, soda cans, and ketchup bottles that you can collect to get additional points. Power-ups like the shield will protect you from obstacles, and the magnet will help you collect coins more efficiently.

Avoid Obstacles to Achieve Your Goal

The Jumping Burger is not just about collecting coins and bonus items, but also about avoiding obstacles. The game has a variety of obstacles that you need to avoid. 

The Jumping Burger PS4 is a game that includes flying burgers, spikes, and moving platforms. These obstacles will test your reflexes and challenge your ability to make quick decisions.

Vivid Colors and Adorable Characters

The Jumping Burger is designed to be visually appealing to children. The game has vivid colors and adorable characters that make it attractive and engaging. 

The burger is cute, and the obstacles are designed to be entertaining and challenging at the same time.

How to Restore PS4 Save Files?

You can choose to either use your PlayStation Plus account or a USB flash drive to restore your saved files.

Using PlayStation Plus Account

If you’re a PS4 user and you need to restore your saved game files, then follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Settings menu and open Application Saved Data Management
  • Next, select “Save data in Online Storage”. Further, go to “Download to System Storage”
  • Lastly, select the game files that you want to download, and the game files will be restored.

Using USB Flash Drive

  • Firstly, go to the Settings menu and open Application Saved Data Management
  • Next, select “Saved data on USB Storage Device”. Further, go to “Copy to System Storage”
  • Lastly, select the game files that you want to copy to your PS4 storage, and the game files will be restored.

Download Save File

If you’re looking for a saved game file for The Jumping Burger PS4, be cautious when downloading these files, as they may contain viruses or malware. 

In this save file, you can save the game safely. After getting the platinum trophy, it is saved for the EU version of the game and it is 100% completed.

Final Thoughts on The Jumping Burger PS4

The Jumping Burger PS4 is a game that is both fun and challenging, with its engaging gameplay, vivid colors, and adorable characters. 

It’s perfect for children of all ages who want to play an engaging game for hours on end.

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