The Legend of Grimrock Review

Howdy Gamers! Classic dungeon crawlers are around since the stone age I personally think. Maybe because they’re so addictive that you just can’t stop playing them. And the Legend of Grimrock is one of them.

And if you think the same for these story-rich perfections, you might want to check out the Legend of Grimrock. It is an FPS action RPG from the publisher “Almost Human” in 2012. It is a grid-based, real-time 3D dungeon crawler taking inspiration from the 1987 classic hit Dungeon Master.

You start the game as a prisoner who is in a vast underground complex. I know, I know, typical 90s games, but it gets way better, trust me. From that complex, you need to find your way out which isn’t easy. You’ll have to battle monsters and guards of course because it’s a prison. (I’m underexplaining to not spoil your gameplay)

Today, I’m gonna take a closer look at what makes Legend of Grimrock a must-play for every gamer. You and I will review its gameplay, graphics, sound, and some other things.

So, here’s the Legend of Grimrock review…

The Legend of Grimrock Gameplay

Legend of Grimrock is a hard game to play. It’s a dungeon crawler after all. But it’s also rewarding at times.

The game pushes you to think strategically as you navigate the dungeon’s many levels, solving puzzles and battling monsters. The combat scenes are epic and require careful timing and positioning to defeat those filthy monsters. 

As a remake of a classic game, Legend of Grimrock gameplay gives me a nostalgic feeling.

Character customization in the Legend of Grimrock is unparallel. It allows you to create your own entirely unique party of adventurers (prisoners). And it’s not just about appearance, you can also assign unique abilities to each member of the team.

What sets apart Legend of Grimrock is its grid-based movement system.

It allows you to move one square at a time, which not only makes you rethink your every move, it’s quite hard to maneuver around. You need to carefully plan your movements to avoid traps and ambushes and to position your characters for the best possible combat outcomes.

The puzzles in Legend of Grimrock are also a highlight of the game. They range from simple button-press puzzles to more complex environmental puzzles that require you to use your wits and your party’s skills to solve them. These puzzles are integrated into the game’s environment in a natural and organic way, adding another layer of challenge and engagement to the experience.

the legend of grimrock


The story of Legend of Grimrock is literally the game’s environment and the various notes and journals that players can find throughout the dungeon. It’s a tale of survival and exploration as players try to unravel the mysteries of the complex and find a way out. While the story is not the game’s main focus, the atmosphere and sense of discovery make it a compelling part of the overall experience.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll uncover more about the story through the various notes and journals that you find. These pieces of information are scattered throughout the dungeon, and piecing them together can be a fun and rewarding experience.

the legend of grimrock

Graphics in The Legend of Grimrock 

The graphics in Legend of Grimrock are top-notch, featuring detailed environments and character models that bring the dungeon to life. The game’s lighting effects and particle systems add to the atmosphere. It creates a sense of danger and mystery around every corner. The game’s use of color is also noteworthy, with each level having its own distinct color palette that sets the tone for the player’s journey.

Attention to detail is a phrase that describes impressive graphics in Legend of Grimrock. Everything from the textures on the walls to the way that the torchlight flickers has been carefully crafted to create an immersive and engaging experience.

the legend of grimrock


The sound design in Legend of Grimrock is excellent, with each monster having its own unique sound that adds to the tension and excitement of combat. The game’s music is also noteworthy, with the eerie and haunting score adding to the overall atmosphere of the game.

The sound effects in Legend of Grimrock are also impressive. Each footstep, each creaking door, and each trap trigger adds to the sense of immersion, making you feel like you’re really exploring an ancient dungeon.

Is The Legend of Grimrock Replayable?

Legend of Grimrock is highly replayable, in fact, I recommend you play it twice. The game has multiple playthroughs, and you can tackle the game’s various puzzles and challenges in different ways. The character customization system also allows you to try out different party compositions, and the game’s level editor lets you create and share your own dungeons with the community.

In addition to the official levels, there are also countless user-created levels available to play. These levels range from simple puzzle rooms to full-blown campaigns with their own stories and characters.

User-created levels made this game what it is if you really ask me. Every one of these levels always has something new to give, even after you’ve gone through the main game.

the legend of grimrock


In the end, I am not sure every gamer will like Legend of Grimrock but it is definitely a sweet collective for fans of Dungeon Crawlers and Action RPGs.

The strict gameplay, quality graphics, and immersive environment make Legend of Grimrock a standout title in its genre. You can play it twice, thrice, maybe even a fourth time if you’re really a true Dungeons fan. 

It is a game to really test what you’re made of. The Gameplay of Legend of Grimrock can also be engaging to watch on stream.

That’s it for a modern take on a classic genre. Play on but spend time with your family too, eh?

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