The Resting Ground | Hollow Knight Walkthrough

This Hollow Knight Walkthrough will get you through the Resting Grounds. It might not be a huge place, but it is a crucial spot in your Hallownest journey. You’ll understand how important it is once you have the Dream Nail and come across the Warrior Dream.

Let’s begin with this Hollow Knight Walkthrough

Statues of the Dreamers

You will reach the Resting Grounds after you have jumped down the chasm in the Crystalized Mound. You need to go to the right to see three statues of the Dreamers. You need to interact with the statue to find out more about the Dreamers. 

After interacting with the statue you will see their location on your map. Then, their apparitions appear and a bright light takes you into the dream world.

Obtaining the Dream Nail

Watch out for the white moth. Follow it when you see it. You will be guided by the moth along a path, which you should follow, moving from one platform to the next. The Dream Nail can be obtained by following this path until the end.

Power of the Dream Nail

Dream Nail allows you to fight tough enemies like Warrior Dreams. It can be used on the corpses of tough bosses in order to defeat them.

Collecting Essence for the Seer

After you obtain the Dream Nail you will encounter a wise Seer, who will show you how to use it better. You’ll need to collect 100 Essence for her before she will tell you more about it.

When you’re done talking with her, go outside and move down to use the Dream Nail on the Whispering Root. There will be some Essence for you to collect. Once you have them all, you can go up to the Stag Station. You can now rest at the Stag Station. Stag can be summoned without paying any Geo. Simply pull the lever or ring the Bell and it will bring you wherever you need to go.

Resting Grounds Map

Cornifer is already gone. Visit Iselda in Dirtmouth to obtain the Resting Grounds map. You can buy the map from Iselda. You can also go to Sly’s shop and give him the Shopkeeper’s key which you get in Crystal Peak.

First, make sure that you have completed the above tasks. After leaving the Stag Station head to the platform opposite on your left. You’ll see the Dreamshield at the end of your path. Be sure to grab the charm before returning outside.

First Warrior Dream

Go to the bottom area and turn left to get into the next room. Keep going past the statues of the three dreamers until you get to the next room. Go left and take the upper platform. Keep walking until your first Warrior Dream boss is in front of you.

Don’t be too worried if you’re facing Xero in the Hollow Knight. He can fly in the air and throw nails. You can attack him using your nails and spells, but beware, he will throw the nails at you and bring them back. 

He will start throwing nails more quickly when he is close to defeat. If you beat him, you will get 100 Essence and a Hallownest Seal from the Seer.

Journey to the Royal Waterways

To get to the Royal Waterways you will need to pass through the City of Tears. From the Resting Grounds, make your way toward the City of Tears. Use it to reach the Royal Waterways. You don’t have to stay long.

Leave the Seer’s Hut and descend to the very bottom. You’ll see a tomb to your right, jump on it. The ground will begin to shake. Use the Descending Dark ability to smash it down so you can continue your journey.

You can walk to the right after you’ve reached the bottom until you find a place where the ground collapses. On your right, you will find a wall you can break. Once you go through this wall, keep going to the right until you see an enemy, Entombed Husk. You must defeat this enemy before you continue. Above you, there’s a fragile ceiling that you can destroy. You should be careful, as there is a creature there, Belfly, that could attack you. If it does, run away quickly. Now climb back up to continue exploring. 

Be sure to defeat any enemies, like Entombed Husks. You might find that a Grub was trapped behind it once you have defeated the Entombed Husk. Look on the left to find a Geo deposit.

Now, turn around and walk to your right. After you have done this, you will see a chest with Geo. Just take out the Geo from the chest. 

Moreover, look upwards to the right of the chest. You will see a ceiling and a wall that you can break. Break the wall to the right. Then, continue walking down the same path. There’s a hidden spot on the right in a long, narrow tunnel where you will encounter a terrifying Entombed Husk. To get Wanderer’s Journal, you’ll have to defeat the enemy.

Climb the small passageway to the top and smash through the ceiling to get into the secret room. Keep climbing and you will find the Soul Eater charm.

Return to Geo Chest Location

It’s time to return to the location where you found the Geo chest in order to begin a challenging side quest in the Hallownest. You need to break the ceiling above to discover a secret path. After climbing up and walking left, you’ll have to climb up again until you reach a big structure. A bench is located next to it. 

This area will be crucial for one of the most challenging side quests in the Hallownest. You don’t have to enter the structure right away.

You need to smash the ceiling above you by returning back to the Geo chest and heading to the left. Doing this, lure the Belfly out of the way. Jump up after you’ve defeated it and open the chest for Geos.

Now, go back down and continue walking left. You’ll see a wooden beam blocking your path. To reach the new area you need to break it. You’ll finally come across the elevator.

This elevator will take you to the east of the City of Tears. You can then explore the other half of the City of Tears. Now, head off to Royal Waterways and continue your journey in Hallownest.

Be ready for your next journey. This is it for this Hollow Knight Walkthrough.

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