Stanley Parable Endings: All Best and Worst

The Stanley Parable endings are a wild mix of bizarre, heart-tugging, and, well, Broom Closet shenanigans.

With The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, you can relive those epic escapades alongside Stanley and The Narrator, plus uncover a bunch of fresh endings.

Stanley Parable Endings

Curious about the number of endings in both versions of The Stanley Parable? Want to know how to reach ’em all? You’re in the right place! But be warned – this guide’s got spoilers galore!

The Stanley Parable Endings Explained

Endings are the heart of The Stanley Parable – some tickle your funny bone, some tug at your heartstrings, and some are just plain weird.

Most endings happen when you choose between the left or right door and decide if you’ll follow The Narrator’s directions or go rogue. But a few sneaky ones pop up before you even get to those doors.

To truly grasp The Stanley Parable, we recommend trying as many endings as you can, especially since the Ultra Deluxe edition added some fresh ones to the mix.

In The Stanley Parable, you’ll find 19 endings, while Ultra Deluxe throws in an extra 24. But keep in mind that one original ending is missing in Ultra Deluxe. So, the grand total of endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is 42.

Ready to explore every ending in both The Stanley Parable and Ultra Deluxe? We’ve got you covered! Our guide is split into left-door endings, right-door endings, pre-door endings, and the new endings from Ultra Deluxe.

We’ve done our best to keep the instructions spoiler-free, but proceed at your own risk!

Left Door Stanley Parable Endings

The Stanley Parable Endings listed here happen when you choose the left door in The Stanley Parable and The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe. But fear not, The Narrator might give you a chance to get back on track if you wander through the right door.

We’ve kept the instructions simple, but be warned – you’re stepping into spoiler territory!

Broom Closet Ending

Follow The Narrator’s instructions until you reach the Broom Closet. Instead of moving forward, step inside and close the door for a cozy closet experience.

Chill in the Broom Closet until The Narrator asks for a new player. Then, step out, listen to him, and head back in when he’s done talking. Now, you can carry on with the game, restart the story, or make the Broom Closet your forever home.

In future playthroughs, The Narrator will definitely react if you visit the Broom Closet again.

Countdown Ending

Follow The Narrator’s instructions but choose to turn the machine on.

Freedom Ending

Follow The Narrator’s instructions.

Heaven Ending

For this ending, follow these steps:

  • Activate computer 419 in the office before the two doors.
  • Restart the game.
  • Activate computer 423 in the office before the two doors.
  • Restart the game.
  • Activate the computer outside the boss’s office.
  • Restart the game.
  • Activate computer 434 in the office next to Stanley’s.
  • Restart the game.
  • Activate Stanley’s computer.

The computers will keep track of your progress. The game will restart automatically, and you’ll be sent to heaven. When you’re ready to leave, restart the story.

Mariella Ending

When you reach the staircase, go down instead of up and explore the new area you find.

Escape Pod Ending 

Enter the boss’s office, then quickly exit back into the hallway. If timed right, the office doors will close, leaving you in the hallway.

Retrace your steps to the first room, and you’ll see the door next to Stanley’s office is now open. Go through and climb the stairs until you reach the end.

Museum Ending

If this is your first time playing The Stanley Parable, try other endings first, as the museum contains spoilers.

To find the museum, follow The Narrator’s instructions until you spot a sign labeled ‘Escape.’ Head in the direction it points.

Explore the museum at your leisure. When ready to leave, locate the hallway with the exit sign. Beyond it, you’ll find an On/Off switch for The Stanley Parable itself. Interact with it to complete this ending.

Right Door Stanley Parable Endings

These endings occur when you choose the right door in The Stanley Parable or The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe. The instructions are simple but contain minor spoilers for both games.

Apartment Ending

Ride the warehouse elevator to the upper floor, follow the corridor to a door, go through it, and pick up the phone.

Art Ending

On the warehouse elevator, drop onto the catwalk as the elevator passes over it. Head forward to two colored doors. Go through the blue door three times.

The Narrator brings you back to the original door room, but with a third door. Follow his instructions until you reach the baby game. To achieve this ending, play the baby game for four hours, with a second button added at the two-hour mark. Failing the baby game results in the Games Ending.

Cold Feet Ending

Step onto the warehouse elevator, and as it moves, step back onto the platform behind you. Jump from the platform to the ground.

Confusion Ending

After leaving the employee lounge, take the left door and go down the elevator.

Games Ending

Reach this ending by jumping onto the catwalk in the warehouse while riding the elevator. Go through the blue door three times, then follow The Narrator’s instructions until you reach the baby game, which you must fail. The ending differs based on which version you’re playing:

Stanley Parable Endings

Follow The Narrator’s instructions, place the box on the button, jump down the hole after the elevator rises, and jump off the ledge in the new location. Wander through the corridors until you find room 437, and the ending concludes shortly after leaving it.

Ultra Deluxe

Explore the new areas, and when The Narrator leaves, drop down one of the holes found in the goals. Then go off the ledge in the next area, and wander through the corridors until you find room 437. The ending concludes shortly after leaving the room.

Not Stanley Parable Endings

Take the warehouse elevator to the upper level, follow the corridor to the phone room, crouch by the plug socket, and interact with it to unplug the phone. Return to the doors room, go through the right door, backtrack when blocked, and go through the left door. After the game resets, go through the right door again.

The Narrator resets the game once more, and this time, go through the left door and visit the boss’s office.

Powerful Ending

In the warehouse, walk off the elevator onto the floor below.

Zending Ending

As the warehouse elevator passes over the catwalk, drop onto it. If you miss, you’ll get the Cold Feet ending. Once on the catwalk, move forward to the two colored doors, follow The Narrator’s instructions to reach the starry dome, exit through the door, go down the corridor to a staircase, and jump off the staircase until the game resets.

Pre-Doors Stanley Parable Endings

These endings happen before reaching the two doors in both The Stanley Parable and The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. Be warned, this section contains minor spoilers.

Coward Ending

Close Stanley’s office door and wait.

Out of the Window Ending

Step onto the chair at desk 434, climb onto the desk, crouch, and walk out the window.

The Narrator will ask a question during this ending, and your answer determines how the ending concludes.

Serious Ending

This ending is unavailable in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. In the original game, right-click on The Stanley Parable in your Steam Library, open properties, and add ‘-console’ to the Launch Options.

Start the game, and a console appears on the main menu. Type ‘sv_cheats 1’ and submit it. You can do this two more times for different dialogue from The Narrator.

Whiteboard Ending

Sometimes, after the story resets, the office next to Stanley’s turns into a blue room. When this happens, open door 426 to find the Whiteboard ending. On the whiteboard, you’ll see the code or option to turn on ‘Bark,’ which triggers a barking sound when you press the Interact button.

The blue office appears randomly. After examining the whiteboard, continue playing the game as usual.

New Stanley Parable Endings in Ultra Deluxe

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe introduces new endings not available in the original game. This section contains spoilers for this new content, so proceed with caution.

To access the new content, play through several original Stanley Parable endings. A door labeled ‘New Content’ will appear in the corridor before the classic two-door room.

The Memory Zone Ending

Go through the ‘New Content’ door and be satisfied with the enjoyment provided. When you reach peak enjoyment, the game will reset. Follow The Narrator into the vent. Going up the stairs will return you to the offices for another ending. Explore The Memory Zone until your path is blocked by boxes. Enter the previous room, where the door to Memory Zone Maintenance (down the stairs) is open.

Proceed to the Skip Button room. Press the Skip Button and listen to the dialogue as desired before leaving the room and walking until the game resets.

The Stanley Parable 2 Ending

Complete The Memory Zone ending. The Narrator will place a neon sign next to the ‘New Content’ door. Go through the door and explore the new offices until you reach the expo hall. 

Visit the Reassurance Bucket and Collectibles, and optionally check out other features. Go up the stairs to the left of the Collectibles exhibit and let The Narrator finish before the game resets.

Bottom of the Mind Control Facility Ending

Climb onto the first desk in the mind control facility and drop down over the railing (turning the lights on is optional). This ending is available before unlocking new content.

Elevator Ending

Take the elevator down to the Mind Control Facility, then press the up button to return to the boss’s office. Repeat this process until The Narrator takes you to a new location and ending. This ending can be obtained before unlocking new content.

Vent Ending

In the warehouse, climb a plank near a pile of boxes to drop down to a plank pathway below. Turn left and go through the vent to a new office section.

Reassurance Bucket Endings

Carrying the Reassurance Bucket changes many of The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe endings.

Exceptions are the Broom Closet (similar to the original, but with a bucket), the Whiteboard ending (with a bucket but no changes), and the What is a Bucket? ending (new, not reworked). The endings altered by the Reassurance Bucket are reached by following the steps in previous sections.

Collectibles Ending

Find all six Stanley collectibles hidden throughout the office. After finding the second collectible, the meeting room transforms and includes a list of collectible locations. Finish your current ending, and the Collectibles ending will begin upon the game reset. Follow The Narrator’s instructions.


To unlock the Epilogue, fully restart Ultra Deluxe until you no longer receive dialogue from the mysterious person who likes sliders and complete the Collectibles Ending. The Epilogue will appear as an option in the main menu. Progression is straightforward, and you can replay the Epilogue as many times as desired.

Enjoy exploring The Stanley Parable!

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