Thousands Came Out To Buy Tears of the Kingdom

In major cities from Paris to New York and Tokyo, gamers eagerly stood in line to buy Tears of the Kingdom for hours prior to store openings, all with the shared aspiration of being among the first to play “Tears of the Kingdom”, a game spotlighting the adventures of Princess Zelda and the elfish warrior, Link.

In Paris, standing in a queue outside a store shortly before midnight, 19-year-old Taylor Meguira enthusiastically recalled the previous installment in the franchise’s celebrated lineage, 2017’s “Breath of the Wild”, labeling it a “true game-changer”.

Tears of the Kingdom

“To know that this sequel is about to be available in less than an hour is nothing short of astonishing. It fills me with such joy”, he shared. In Tokyo, among dozens of other enthusiasts, 30-year-old Yutaka Hirai spoke of his attraction to the expansive scope of previous Zelda games.

“I’m hoping to encounter the same vast landscapes and thrilling adventures in this game as I did in the predecessors”, he admitted, confessing that he had devoted “over 100 hours” to the last title.

Tears of the Kingdom Critiques Score

Early critiques have showered the game with praise, awarding it an impressive score of 97 out of 100 on Metacritic, a platform that aggregates ratings from various reviewers.

Since its inaugural edition in 1986, the Zelda franchise has amassed global sales of 125 million copies.

The series has played a major role in the development of open-world games. It is a concept where the player is basically free to roam around and across virtual maps without any purpose. This idea has since been adopted by many Triple-A titles like “Grand Theft Auto” to “Skyrim”.

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