Top 10 Barbie Games To Play After Watching Barbie

In the world of video games, there’s a name that’s been capturing the hearts and minds of players for decades: Barbie.

While many remember this iconic doll character primarily for her fashion pursuits, she also excels in the the realm of video games and it’s vast and varied. From swashbuckling adventures to intriguing mysteries, these games have explored the depths of this doll character that transcend the traditional doll image. These are 10 of the best Barbie games to explore after watching the recent big screen debut of Barbie.

1. Barbie (1984, Commodore 64)

Barbie’s video game debut, released in 1984, was a simulation centered around the age-old challenge of getting ready for a date.

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While Ken’s dominant decision-making role may seem a tad dated now, the game was a pioneer with its digitised speech and advanced graphics.

2. A Japanese Twist: Lost Word of Jenny (1987, NES)

Taking an obscure turn, this Japan-only platformer introduced players to Jenny, the localized version of iconic doll. With a goal of finding her way back into a musical, Jenny’s journey includes peculiar locations like a pirate ship and outer space, making it a surreal gaming experience.

3. Celebrating Fashion: Barbie Fashion Designer (1996, PC)

Though several of her video games embrace fashion, “Barbie Fashion Designer” stands out. This interactive gem allows players to bring their fashion visions to life and even print them for their real dolls. Its acclaim led to its induction into New York’s Strong National Museum of Play.

4. Animation and Storytelling: Barbie Storymaker (1997, PC)

Developed by Mattel, Storymaker lets you venture into storytelling, enabling you to create animated tales and get your dreams to be true. A testament to the multimedia CD-Rom era’s potential, it fostered creativity through an interactive platform.

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5. Delving into Mysteries: Detective Barbie: The Mystery Cruise (2000, PlayStation)

This iconic doll transitioned into the mystery-woman in the 2000s. This game is a captivating masterpiece where players hunt for stolen artworks on a cruise, introducing an engaging blend of mystery and adventure.

6. Adventures in the Wild (2001, PlayStation)

Clearly inspired by Tomb Raider, Barbie: Explorer sends her on a quest in diverse landscapes, from African jungles to Tibetan mountains. With an eco-friendly approach to wildlife, Barbie’s adventures are both thrilling and responsible.

7. A Day at the Beach: Barbie Beach Vacation (2001, PC)

No game list would be complete without a beach escapade. Barbie Beach Vacation offers a variety of mini-games that offer a nostalgic dive into early 3D polygonal visuals. All of these games give you a look inside this iconic doll character.

8. Espionage and Action: Secret Agent (2001, Game Boy Advance)

Combining elements from legendary games like Prince of Persia and Metal Gear Solid, Secret Agent Barbie sees our fashionable heroine in action, tracking down stolen crown jewels. This platformer offers a blend of stealth, action, and fashion.

9. Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp (2008)

An open-world game where players can roam around an island on horseback, this installment is reminiscent of popular mainstream games, sans the violence. It showcases a serene side of video games, focusing on exploration and interaction.

10. Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009)

Based on the iconic Dumas novel, this game is a delightful reimagining, providing players with an immersive platforming experience set against the backdrop of the French countryside. This game might be my favorite as we can explore many cinematic sceneries in good graphics.


These video games have evolved significantly over the years, offering players a diverse range of experiences that extend beyond fashion and parties. From mysteries to adventures, these games highlight the doll’s versatility and adaptability in the gaming realm.

Whether you’re a fan of classic tales or thrilling quests, there’s a game out there waiting to be explored.

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