Top 10 Best Need For Speed Games of All Time

Having many NFS games available today makes it difficult for you to select the best Need For Speed game of all time. Without hesitation, Need For Speed is the best racing game and a top consideration of this genre.

Get ready for a thrilling journey through the Top 10 Need For Speed games. For decades, gamers have enjoyed playing racing games. Since 1994, players have enjoyed this legendary driving series and acquired the skills to do drifting and customize their cars. You might be wondering which Need For Speed is the best Need For Speed game of all. Let’s find out.

10 Best Need For Speed Games

It is one of the most recognized racing games. It is known for its high-speed racing and the thrilling police chase. The series has evolved significantly over time. Each game introduced its own unique improvements. Need For Speed allows you to fulfill your high-speed fantasies. 

Here’s a list of the series’s Top 10 Best Need For Speed games. So buckle up, and prepare to relive all the excitement.

10. Need For Speed: ProStreet

Best Need For Speed Games

Need For Speed: ProStreet was released for the PS2, PS3, Wii, and PC in 2007. It’s one of the best Xbox 360 racing games of all time. 

There you can compete in different racing events to earn money and progress in the game.

Need For Speed: ProStreet has a cool feature called ‘Event Map’. This is very similar to another game, Juiced. And it is ranked 10th among the best Need For Speed Games.


This game differs from the previous Need For Speed titles in that it emphasizes more realistic racing. Damage systems are included in the game, so collisions and crashes can impact your car’s performance. Drag racing and time trials are included to add variety to the game.


You unlock new cars as you progress to become a better racing driver. Even more impressive are the graphics on Xbox 360. Although it is an older console the graphics are still good. Unfortunately, this game didn’t gain the attention of the players.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed: ProStreet should be on your list of racing games to try if you are a racing fan. Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be the next Street King.

9. Need For Speed: Shift

Best Need For Speed Games

You may be familiar with the name, Need For Speed: Shift. It was developed by Slightly Mad Studios and released by Electronic Arts in 2009. 

It’s the best racing game with a slightly different style than previous Need For Speed releases. This game is one of the most played in this series. This one comes at 9 in the best Need For Speed Games.


Need For Speed: Shift, gameplay is more simulation-based than arcade racing. The cars and tracks in the game are great, but some people find it less intense than earlier Underground games. Some people find the game a little too clean and safe.

It is possible to earn points in the game by crashing other cars, giving it an NFS-like feel. Who said you have to follow the rules?

Need For Speed: Shift has a realistic driving system which is one of its standout features. Shift, unlike previous Need For Speed games, takes a more realistic approach to racing. Driving mechanics have been made more realistic in this game, requiring a greater level of skill.


Need For Speed: Shift features a soundtrack full of high-energy and adrenaline-pumping songs that perfectly complements the fast-paced gameplay.

Final Verdict

Overall, Need For Speed: Shift delivers a racing game with a simulation style. What are you still waiting for? Start your engines, and let’s go!

8. Need For Speed: Most Wanted 

Best Need For Speed Games

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is one the most iconic and the best racing games of all time. The game was developed by EA Black Box, and published by Electronic Arts in 2005. The game was available on multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, PS2 and Xbox, GameCube handheld, and the PSP. This rocks solid 8 in best Need For Speed Games


Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a great game because of its gameplay. The game takes place in an open-world environment, where players race around the streets of a fictional town, Rockport

There are several race modes in the game, including drag, circuit, sprint, and speed trap. The police are a big part of this game. They will chase you down if you violate the law. This game has a car customization system that lets players customize their vehicles using a wide range of parts. 


Need For Speed: Most Wanted still looks great, even though it was released in the year 2005. The car models in the game are extremely detailed and have stunning visuals. It also has impressive lighting effects and realistic environments. Even by today’s standards, the game looks great.


Need For Speed: Most Wanted is one of the racing games’ best soundtracks. The game includes licensed tracks by well-known artists like Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed. 

The soundtrack captures the mood of the game perfectly and enhances the overall experience.

Final Verdict

This racing game was a huge hit. The game’s gameplay, stunning graphics, and killer soundtrack are some of the main reasons.

7. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 was released by Electronic Arts in 2002. It was the sixth Need For Speed installment and received a positive response from both critics and players. This might be controversial but Hot Pursuit is at 7 in this list of best Need For Speed Games.


Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 has an exciting gameplay mechanic. Players race across different tracks including tropical forests, arid deserts, and coastal beaches. You will unlock new vehicles as you progress in the game. These include exotic supercars and muscle cars.

As a racer, you have the option to play either as a police or racer. Players must race to the finish line and evade police before the clock runs out. As a cop, you have to stop racers using any means possible, including spike strips and helicopters.

Why is Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 still popular?

The game has loyal fans even though it was released in 2002. Here are some reasons why:

Unique gameplay

It was an innovative feature to be able to play both as a racer and a police officer. This is what makes this game different.

Nostalgia factor

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is a childhood favorite for many gamers. They continue to play the game for nostalgia.

Classic cars

Car enthusiasts will enjoy the game because it features some of the most sought-after and iconic cars.

Timeless gameplay

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 with its simple but engaging gameplay mechanics is a fun game that you can play for years.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 remains a classic racer that has withstood the test of time. Its unique gameplay, thrilling elements, and high-replay value have made it one of the best Need For Speed games.

If you like racing games and wish to relive some childhood memories, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 should be on your list.

6. Need For Speed: Heat 

Need For Speed: Heat was released in November 2019 for PS4, and Windows. It’s one of the best Xbox One racing games. The game is the 24th installment of the Need For Speed franchise and one of the best Need For Speed games.

Need For Speed: Heat, a fictional game set in Palm City, a city inspired by Miami, Florida, is based on the Miami-inspired city. Day and night modes are available in the game, where players race in sanctioned competitions during the day and in illegal street races at night. 

The storyline of the game revolves around an illegal street racer, who races in order to earn money and gain a reputation while avoiding corrupt police officers.

Gameplay and Customization

Need For Speed: Heat is a game that offers an exciting and challenging experience. The game allows players to customize their vehicles with various parts such as engines, wheels, and brakes. Customization options let players create cars that are unique and tailored to their racing style.

The difference between day and night modes in the game is that you’ll have fun and excitement during the day by playing legal races. At night, the action gets much more intense. You will be involved in illegal street races, which the police are trying to stop.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed Heat is a racing game with a high level of immersion and excitement. It offers players a thrilling experience. So, grab your controller and prepare to race the streets of Palm City.

5. Need For Speed II

Need For Speed II was released in 1997 and it became a huge hit. Electronic Arts developed the game as a sequel to Need For Speed. The game was released for the PC and PS consoles. 

This classic old game still has its charm. This game is still a good choice for racing enthusiasts, despite the fact that it only features eight cars and seven tracks. Having too many options can become overwhelming. Having fewer choices isn’t always a bad idea. The seventh track will only be available after the completion of the game. NFS 2 sets in at 5 in Best Need For Speed Games.


The best part is? This game has no cops following you around. This game is just you driving on the road as fast as possible without any background sirens. The game is perfect for those who only want to race and are not distracted by other things.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed II will provide you with hours of fun with classic racing and is the best Need For Speed game to unlock childhood memories. Although it may be an old game, Need For Speed II is a hidden jewel in the racing world. It quickly became one of the best racing games.

4. Need For Speed: Rivals

Need For Speed: Rivals was developed by Ghost Games, and published by Electronic Arts. It has been the most popular title in the Need For Speed franchise. Rivals is good for #4 in Best Need For Speed Games.


The open-world racing video game, Need For Speed: Rivals, takes place in a fictional country called Redview. In the game, players can choose between two factions – the racers or the cops. The racers have to complete challenges and races faster than the cops, while the cops are trying to catch them and bring them to court.

The ‘AllDrive’ feature is one of the unique features in Need For Speed: Rivals. It allows you to smoothly switch from single-player mode to multiplayer. The players can race each other or team up against the cops. They can also switch sides to become cops themselves.


The graphics in Need For Speed: Rivals, which bring Redview County alive, are stunning. The environments of the game are very detailed with changing weather conditions that change the mood of the game. Beautifully rendered cars with a wide range of customization options are available.


The soundtrack of Need For Speed: Rivals makes you feel more pumped up during races. The game features realistic sounds of police sirens and car engines, which add to the immersive experience.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed: Rivals is a great racing game with a thrilling storyline. The game offers open-world gameplay, seamless integration with the online community, stunning graphics, and sound.

3. Need For Speed: Underground

Need For Speed: Underground came out in 2003 but still has a special place among gamers. This earns it a prestigious 3rd place in best Need For Speed Games.

Basics of “Need For Speed: Underground”

Need For Speed: Underground is a racing video game where you can customize your street racer. You will compete in various events ranging from drag races to circuit races, and drift events. Upgrade your car as you progress by purchasing new accessories and parts. The soundtrack is a mixture of hip-hop music, rock, and electronic music.

Why is Need For Speed: Underground still relevant?

Need For Speed: Underground, despite being nearly 20 years old is still very popular among racing games enthusiasts for a number of reasons:


Customizing your car is one of the most exciting aspects of Need For Speed: Underground. Players can customize their cars with dozens of visual and performance enhancements.


Another reason the game remains relevant is its soundtrack. Having one of racing games’ best soundtracks, a mixture of hip-hop music, rock, and electronic music that perfectly captures both the urban feel and the high-energy racing.


Need For Speed: Underground may not have the most advanced graphics, but it still looks fantastic for a racing game released in 2003. The visuals of the game have held up well and the neon-lit Olympic City streets still look vibrant.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed Underground, which has been available for over 20 years now, is one of the most popular racing games. Its unique blend of customization, high-energy racing, and modern aesthetics has inspired many racing game fans and continues to be loved by gamers worldwide. 

2. Need For Speed: Underground 2 

Need For Speed: Underground 2 is the eighth game in the Need For Speed franchise. It was released back in 2004.

The game’s extensive customization options, interactive gameplay, and exciting street racing are its most notable features. This earns this game a solid 2nd place in best Need For Speed Games.


Need For Speed: Underground 2’s immersive gameplay is one of its most notable features. The game offers a variety of racing events including circuit races, drag races, and others.

A map that is open-world allows players to explore and discover new races. Immersive gameplay in the game makes you feel like a real part of street racing.


Need For Speed: Underground 2 has fast-paced gameplay. You can choose from circuit races, drag racing, or drift races. Players must master different skills to win each race.

This game offers an open-world environment where players are able to explore a city and discover hidden races. They can also upgrade their vehicles. Players can customize cars to increase their performance or appearance. This gives them a competitive edge over their rivals.


The soundtrack is another reason for the popularity of this game. The street racing theme is perfectly complemented by a mixture of hip-hop music, rock, and electronic. The soundtrack features songs by artists like Snoop Dogg, Chingy, and Paul Van Dyk.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed: Underground 2 might be old, but in today’s gaming environment it is still relevant. Its customization features, soundtrack, graphics, and gameplay have all contributed to its long-lasting popularity.

1. Need For Speed: Carbon

Need For Speed: Carbon was released by EA Black Box in 2006 and is the best Need For Speed game to play in the series. It is the tenth game in the Need For Speed franchise and it follows the same style of gameplay as its predecessors. 

In this game players compete in illegal street races for reputation points and to build their crew. The game takes place in the fictional city, Palmont, where players have to defeat rival crews and gain control of the streets. Carbon tops the best Need For Speed Games list.


The gameplay of Need For Speed: Carbon is centered on illegal street racing. Players must race in order to earn reputation points that can be used to buy new cars and upgrades. 

As the player progresses through the game they unlock new areas and can access more powerful cars. The game has a crew system where players can invite other racers into their crew to help them win races.

The game has a ‘Drift’, allowing players to earn extra points for drifting around corners. The game’s artificial intelligence is also balanced, giving players a challenging race experience.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics in Need For Speed: Carbon is still impressive today. The game includes richly textured car models and environments. The soundtrack, which is a mix between rock and electronic music, perfectly complements the high-speed gameplay.


Need For Speed Carbon’s replayability is one of its greatest strengths. The open-world design of the game allows players to explore Palmont, and discover new shortcuts and routes. The game features many challenges such as drift events, races, and pursuit challenges that keep it fresh and interesting.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed: Carbon has remained a classic racer even today. The game offers hours of fast-paced entertainment.

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