Top 10 Cars in Need For Speed Underground 2

No game captures the late 90s/early 2000s Tuner car scene as effectively as Need For Speed does. Fans of both Fast & Furious movies, who enjoyed Initial D, rely on Need For Speed Underground 2 gameplay to allow them to immerse in those races while creating epic and even absurd-looking JDM masterpieces of their own!

10. Toyota Corolla GT-S

need for speed

There’s a reason the AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S stands out among your first options when selecting your car in-game.

Its impeccable drift and handling make it ideal for drifting, while easily being tuned for a smooth driving experience.

What Makes Toyota Corolla GTS Special

Toyota Corolla GT-S handles perfectly, with fantastic braking ability, and pop-up lights matching its Initial-D aesthetic. It is the ideal candidate for use as a sleeper car and offers outstanding value.

I personally think it’s acceleration is A, top speed B, and handling A+.

9. Honda Civic

need for speed

Civics are one of the best affordable, fast and fun cars out of best need for spped Underground 2 cars. Tuners love them. They can easily be modded into high performance machines that excel in speed, acceleration and handling.

Civics make the ideal all-around car that you can customize into your own personal masterpiece; from quiet sleepers to loud street racers; let loose with this hot hatch!

What I Like About the Honda Civic:

For every race type imaginable and with outstanding versatility for tuning Civics are a gem. Super cheap and easy starting car. It also offers an incredibly balanced chassis for all kinds of races.

When it comes to acceleration, it’s an A, top speed reaches A, handling is A as well.

8. Ford Mustang

There’s a reason the Mustang is considered an icon among muscle cars. American Muscle Cars still look amazing despite all these tuner cars, and Mustang is no different.

Where tuner cars lack the iconic beauty and character, Mustang lags a little bit in handling.

Although somewhat challenging to control and handle properly at first, Mustang rewards those willing to learn with lightning fast speed and quickness; no other vehicle gallops quite like it.

What Makes the Mustang Great

The Mustang stands out among its peers with fast breakneck speeds and lightning acceleration, not to mention an aesthetic appeal unrivaled by any other car in terms of its exposed engine design.

A true drag racer’s dream with A+ Acceleration, A+ Top Speed- A+, B in Handling.

7. Cadillac Escalade

SUVs make you feel like an absolute pimp with their style and substance. Although they may not offer the same speed, quickness, or overall driving experience in-game, these cars still feel impressive to drive.

Of the three SUVs offered here, Cadillac Escalade stands out as being both powerful and easy to operate. Additionally it looks amazing after customization is completed; making this vehicle an epitome of big car.

What I Love About SUVs

 Whilst SUVs may have their share of challenges, one thing about the Escalade stands out – its rugged construction. Meaning it doesn’t get damaged easily and it offers great all-around performance and balance. Not to mention aesthetic options if you customize its colors and delight yourself.

Caddilac Escalade takes a solid B in Acceleration, A- in Top Speed, and C+ in Handling.

6. Acura RSX

The RSX deserves more credit as an amazing car. Even though its popularity may not compare with some others on this list you should definitely give this underrated terror of a car its due consideration.

And give yourself some mods and repairs. When completed, it looks and feels just like a sports car!

Plus it has an incredible top speed.

What I Like About the RSX

Incredibly Fast Top Speed (A++); looks amazing when modded; outstanding acceleration and handling performance (B+).

5. Mazda RX-7

The Mazda RX-7 was an icon from early 2000’s Japanese Domestic Market scene.

Faster than both its counterpart, Mazda MX-5, and even outperforming some aspects of RX-8; the RX-7 with its triangular-shaped Engine can accelerate like no other car on the market today. Give this Japanese machine a spin for yourself to experience its epicness!

What Makes the RX-7 Special

The RX-7 rivals even the finest muscle cars with its exceptional acceleration when tuned up. 

It has become one of the fastest cars imaginable and capable of keeping up with even the fastest racers on track. You can customize its acceleration for whatever race type suits your racing style best: laps. Sprints, Drags or Drifting races can be played just as effectively with no risk to performance!

RX-7 deserves an A++ in Acceleration, A+ in Top Speed & A in


4. Pontiac GTO

While its GTO sibling from the 80s and 70s may have changed significantly, this car still manages to impress as an effective and clean racer.

As with other muscle cars, mastering handling on this one may take time. But you can count on fast acceleration and an impressive top speed from this powerful ride. So put this GTO Firebird into action for some epic racing action!

What Makes Pontiac GTO Special:

Another perfect car for turning into a dragster is the Pontiac GTO; its acceleration and top speed make it hard to match. Once mastered, it will become an incredible machine!

For your information: it boasts of A+ stats for acceleration and top speed and C+ handling ratings – an ideal combination!

3. Subaru Impreza.

The Impreza is here to impress you. The Impreza is an iconic car in racing, admired for its versatility. Zoom through muddier hills and jungle terrain with it or drive along your average road! See for yourself why so many have fallen for this rally machine.

What Makes The Impreza Great:

Impreza can be tailored to meet almost any need when it comes to transportation needs. From handling beautifully to accelerating and speeding quickly and even taking hits when driving.

Here are its key specs: Acceleration (A), Top Speed (B) and Handling (B).

2. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

As exciting and captivating as its predecessors, the Lancer is another Rally car icon, that some may say even surpasses its Subaru Impreza competitor.

Though Lancer can do all that the Impreza can, with much simpler customization capabilities for tuning. Test-driving both is key when making this decision – do so before settling on one or the other!

What Makes Lancer Evo Amazing

Lancer Evo Stats: Acceleration = A, Top Speed = A, Handling = A

1. Nissan Skyline GTR

This car isn’t too fast or furious if you’re a good enough driver. This car is an absolutely legendary car for a reason. This car is as close to a perfect racing machine. It can haul with its insane acceleration and Giga high top speed.

This car can also handle pretty well. Skyline is as close to perfect as you can get and deserves number one. Now find out if this car really lives up to all the hype.

What’s Great About the Skyline GTR:

Killer top speed.

It accelerates better than some modded rag machines.

Handles like a charm.

Can compete even with it’s bone-stock Iconic look and feel.

Skyline GTR stats: 

Acceleration – A+

Top Speed – A+

Handling – A+

There you have it folks. This is it for best Need for Speed underground 2 cars.

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