Top 3 Fastest Ways to Increase Your Professor Level – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Level up your game in Fire Emblem: Three Houses with this guide. These are the best, most reliable, and most effective methods to boost your Professor Level and unlock new abilities.

Follow our step-by-step guide and watch your in-game progress to new heights. With these helpful tips, you’ll be well in your gameplay in no time.

Method #1:

The secret to increasing your Professor Level, you’ll need to earn at least four exploration activity points. This means exploring the monastery and engaging in six activities that will boost your professor experience.

From Sharing & Cooking meals, Choir Singing, and winning Fighting Tournaments, there are plenty of ways to earn those valuable points.

Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Professor Level
Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Professor Level

Method #2:

Fishing and Gardening are the other best activities to increase the Professor Level.

Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Professor Level

Once you’ve completed these activities, your journey will lead you to the Blue Essence monastery to find the professor’s experience.

As you progress, be sure to unlock the Eastern and Southern merchants who offer rare fish bait and valuable seeds for harvesting at unbeatable prices.

Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Professor Level

And let’s not forget about the importance of fishing. With the help of the Fishing NPC, you’ll know exactly when it’s a fishing day and have the opportunity to catch plenty of fish to level up your Professor rank.

Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Professor Level

Keep an eye out for the Yellow Essence in the pond, although it may not provide any benefits.

Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Professor Level

Method #3:

One way to level up is by providing sound advice to your students during class. When they ask questions or seek guidance, it’s up to you to answer correctly and gain valuable Professor points.

It’s one of the most effective methods to increase your level, so make sure you’re always ready to lend a helping hand.

Fire Emblem: 3 Houses Professor Level

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