Top 5 Beginner Northgard Tips – Part 1

By mastering these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Northgard champion.

So, get ready to take your game to the next level, and let’s dive into these 5 essential tips.

Tip #1:

At the start of the game, make sure to build the Woodcutter, Scout Camp, and House all at once. For even greater resources, consider building two Woodcutters – it all depends on your clan and food income.

Keep an eye on your population – if the pointer turns red, it means you’re losing valuable time and opportunities for new villagers to spawn.

Northgard Beginner Tips

Tip #2:

Unlock the secrets of the game by scouting early on. As a savvy strategist, you must give the order to send out scouts to explore at least the first three to four tiles around your Town Hall.

It is beneficial for you to examine the best direction to expand your territory. Doing this you’ll be able to locate hidden ruins and shipwrecks around.

Just upgrade your scout camp to know what’s happening inside the enemy’s tiles.

Northgard Beginner Tips

Tip #3:

Your villagers are on the hunt for food, but you can maximize their efficiency. The silos will give their efforts a boost, increasing their usefulness by 10% or even 20% once upgraded. All you need to do is utilize the power of silos.

Northgard Beginner Tips

Tip #4:

Here’s a game-changing tip to boost your chances of victory, don’t build your towers near the enemy’s border. By doing so, you give your soldiers more time to arrive at the tower. This tactic allows you to better assess the situation and strategize accordingly.

Northgard Beginner Tips

Tip #5:

To resist more hits from the tower, you must develop a war chief or a shield-bearer. They can absorb more damage and protect your other units while they unleash their heavy attacks. But be warned, they need to have the best armor to withstand the tower’s devastating hits.

Northgard Beginner Tips

These are the Top 5 tips and our guide has everything you need to rise to the top.

So, grab your weapons and get ready to claim your throne in Northgard.

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