Top 5 Beginner Northgard Tips – Part 2

Get ready to dominate the world of Northgard with these Top 5 exclusive tips.

The glory of victory awaits you, are you ready to seize it?

Tip #1:

In order to gain the upper hand on the battlefield, you must master the art of using hotkeys for quick access to units and buildings.

This will allow you to create separate groups of soldiers. By simply holding down the Control Button along with a numerical key ranging from 1 to 0.

Create a quick key for your Healer’s Hut to prioritize the healing of your units without ever having to search for it on the map.

Northgard tips

Tip #2:

Equip your Longship Doch/Harbor quickly and focus on building your economy. But don’t forget to choose your sailor wisely.

If you’re aiming to level up quickly and access new research, go for the lore. While fame victory may be tempting, it’s only the ultimate goal until you reach level 500.

Reaching at the level 500 , it’s best suited for the Bear clan, with a military strength increase of 1% for every 100 points of fame.

Northgard tips

Tip #3:

Remember, your early game economics depend on how well you take care of your wolves and draugrs near the boundaries.

These creatures create destruction by attacking your villagers and soldiers.

So, don’t let these predators slow you down. Act fast and eliminate the threat before it’s too late.

Northgard tips

Eliminate them quickly to clear the path for colonization and to get valuable bonuses such as Iron and Fame.

Northgard tips

Tip #4:

When your scout gets attacked, it’s important to move them back to your base camp immediately.

With each hit, they’ll lose 50 out of their 100 hit points, leaving them vulnerable to defeat.

The good news is, once they’re back at camp, they can heal up. With a health level above 50 hit points, they’ll be ready to take on the next attack.

Northgard tips

Tip #5:

In “Northgard”, your clan’s strengths are the key to victory.

The Clan of the Wolf boasts powerful military bonuses, while the Clan of the Stag enjoys plentiful food and wood resources in the early stages of the game.

So, take a deep dive into the details and discover the full potential of your chosen clan.

Northgard tips

Unlock the secrets of each clan in this epic adventure by delving into their unique lore research.

It’s simple, just open up the lore research window and explore the fascinating histories of each clan.

Northgard tips

This comprehensive guide has got everything you need to succeed in Northgard.

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