Top 5 Genshin Impact Characters in F2P

Genshin Impact is a popular open-world action RPG by a well-known publisher, miHoYo. In Genshin Impact, one of the character improvement mechanics is Constellations. This mechanic is similar to Passive Talents. In Passive Talents a higher level of constellation makes a character more effective. Or it adds additional capabilities to the already existing abilities. 

In some cases, a character’s tier can even depend on their constellation level. The Genshin Impact character constellation tier list is divided into six levels. C0 is the lowest and if the C6 is unlocked then it grants the most powerful strength. 

Furthermore, to improve the constellations of each character, players need to acquire duplicates of the character to exchange for Stella Fortuna.

Genshin Impact

Despite this, there are several characters who do not need constellation levels to be effective, making them ideal choices for F2P (Free-to-Play) players. 

Further, 5-star characters are some of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact having unique abilities. They are particularly strong, such as Ganyu, Hu Tao, and others.

Here are the top Genshin Impact 5-star characters:


Ganyu is an incredibly powerful character, even at C0. Her double-charged shots do an incredible amount of damage which makes her hyper-focused on aimed bow builds. 

Lastly, her high attack, crit damage sub stat, innate crit rate boosts, and high modifiers make her effective against all enemies without Cryo damage resist. Amos’ bow and Wanderer’s Troupe x4 are considered as the best gear for ganyu in the Genshin Impact.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is another strong Pyro DPS character that doesn’t require a high constellation level to be effective. Her Sanguine Rouge passive talent gives her a 33% damage bonus when her HP is at 50% or below. 

Furthermore, it can be tricky to play around with but can be dealt with by dodging or using a character with shielding skills. Staff of Homa and Crimson Witch of Flames x4 set are considered as the best build for Hu Tao in the Genshin Impact.


At C0, Ayaka is an incredibly powerful character as both Elemental and regular DPS. She is excellent at locking down enemies in a freeze team. And also her dash is super fast, uses less stamina, and has more invincibility frames than other dashes. 

Mistsplitter Reforged sword and the Blizzard Strayer x4 artifact set are the best builds for Hu Tao in the Genshin Impact.


Venti is the best crowd control support in Genshin Impact, even at C0. Venti has an incredibly high Energy Recharge rate and great Elemental Burst. It enables players to grind content much faster. 

And this ability alone makes Venti a top option tactically in most comps, and the best build for him is the Elegy for the End bow and the artifact set Viridescent Venerer x4.


After fan outrage, miHoYo buffed Zhongli massively, resulting in a powerful character even at C0. Zhongli creates scaling shields based on his max HP. 

Besides, if set up correctly, players can protect weaker characters with shields that can withstand over 20,000 damage. Staff of Homa, Noblesse Oblige x2, and Archaic Petra x2 are the best build for Hu Tao in the Genshin Impact.

Conclusion of Genshin Impact Characters in F2P

In conclusion, these Genshin Impact 5-star characters for F2P players are the strongest among all, and their effectiveness is not dependent on their constellation level. 

Furthermore, if you want to experience the game on your PC, the Genshin Impact PC version is also available. So, give these Genshin Gmpact 5-star characters a try and see how they can take your gameplay to the next level. 

Genshin Impact is famous for its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay which makes it one of the most popular games.

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