Top 7 Best Fortnite Players in 2023

Fortnite is the king of battle royale games, and its esports scene is packed with super-skilled players. Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek said Fortnite is the most competitive battle royale, even though he likes Apex Legends more. Wanna know more about the competitive world and the top players? Here’s a fun look at the all-time best Fortnite players!

These 7 Fortnite stars are amazing in this action-packed game where players fight to be the last one standing. They’ve earned mad respect from other gamers for their mad skills and cool strategies.

Best Fortnite Players

Let’s check out the top 7 Fortnite champs of 2023! We’ve ranked them based on the total matches played, matches won, and matches lost. So, buckle up and get ready to meet the best solo players out there!

List of Best Fortnite Players

Roll up, roll up, gamers and fans!

Get ready to dive headfirst into the world of Victory Royales and extravagant emote celebrations as we unveil the crème de la crème of Fortnite players in 2023!

Prepare to be dazzled by their lightning-fast reflexes, mind-boggling strategies, and unparalleled creativity in building the mightiest of forts.

So, tighten your headsets and grab a bucket of popcorn, as we introduce the undisputed champions of the virtual battlefield. Feast your eyes on this list of Fortnite legends whose skills have left millions in awe, and let’s be honest, a tad bit envious too!

7. Raпger

Say hello to Ranger, a super talented Fortnite whiz from Canada! 🇨🇦 He’s a proud member of the Luminosity Gaming esports team and has conquered loads of Fortnite contests. Ranger’s got a fierce, aggressive style that’s helped him crush it in World Cup qualifiers. And guess what? You can catch him streaming on both YouTube and Twitch, sharing his epic gaming skills with fans!

6. I-am-lucky

Meet I-am-Lucky, a 15-year-old Fortnite prodigy from the USA! This young gaming enthusiast has been obsessed with Fortnite ever since it hit shelves – with such an apt name as “Lucky”, you know he possesses serious gaming talent!

Lucky is well-known for his big wins and Victory Royale victories on Fortnite. Not only is he adept at the game itself; he’s also an awesome streamer who enjoys sharing his impressive moves and helpful tips with viewers of I-am-Lucky!

I-am-Lucky aims to have fun while playing Fortnite while helping level up players across the community – so get ready to be entertained while learning something from this gaming superstar!

5. Don’t add me kid

Don’t Add Me Child is an incredible Fortnite player who regularly streams his matches on Twitch and YouTube. Based out of California’s sunny coast in his early 20s, Don’t Add Me Child hails from the US South region but moved there in search of becoming an esports superstar.

His YouTube channel boasts more than 15,000 subscribers, while over 10,000 Twitch followers love watching him play. He’s known for being an expert player, performing creative edits, and excelling at every role.

Don’t Add Me Child is always pushing himself to improve and learn new tricks, as well as being an exceptional team player within the Fortnite community. He always plans fun events or collaborates with other streamers.

4. Sp3cialForce21

Meet Sp3cialForce21, a 23-year-old Fortnite superstar from the UK! 🇬🇧 He’s known for rocking the Fortnite world, scoring top-10 finishes in some seriously intense battles. Plus, he’s a Twitch favorite, always having a blast while chatting with fans during his live streams.

3. SDHustler-YT

Meet SDHustler-YT, a super awesome Fortnite pro and content whiz! With over 5 million YouTube fans, he’s one of the biggest Fortnite stars on the planet. He’s famous for his unique gaming skills and for crushing it at major events.

People everywhere consider him one of the best Fortnite players ever, and he’s won loads of big-time contests. SDHustler-YT loves hanging out with his fans on Twitch and YouTube, showing off his mad skills and having a great time!

2. Ship

Ship is a super-skilled Fortnite pro from the US, born on April 21, 1998. He’s rockin’ it with the FaZe Clan since 2019, and guess what? He’s one of the best in the biz!

This Fortnite master totally crushed it by winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Solos, and he keeps scoring top 10 spots in other big-time tourneys.

Ship’s also been in epic showdowns like the Fortnite Champion Series and the Fortnite World Cup. You could say he’s a total legend in the Fortnite universe!

Honorable Mentions For Best Fortnite Players Before #1

Iwo “Setty” Zając

Our Polish powerhouse Setty’s been crushin’ it lately, snaggin’ not one but two mega titles – the FNCS Invitational and Dreamhack Summer. This dude’s the real deal when it comes to keepin’ cool and making moves in those nail-biting, sweaty-palm showdowns. He builds like a boss and sends baddies packin’!

Anas “Anas” El-Abd

Anas El-Abd, aka the Fortnite wizard, reps Guild Esports and even scooped up a sweet $1 Million USD from MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge. No biggie, right? He’s been tearin’ it up at the FNCS Invitational too, and if he keeps this up, he’ll be among the Fortnite esports legends in no time. Game on!

#1 Victory Royale Player: TTV R1xbox

Meet TTV R1xbox, an awesome Fortnite pro from the USA! He’s part of the super cool Team SoloMid (TSM) and has played in loads of Fortnite contests. Plus, he’s a star on Twitch!

People think he’s one of the best players ever because he’s super bold when he plays. Besides Fortnite, he loves having a blast in Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and PUBG. What a gaming legend!


With things getting more and more intense in the world of gaming, the competition is gonna be crazy wild.

The superstars who can stay ahead of the game and keep kicking butt will be the coolest of the cool in 2023. No doubt, they’ll leave a big, bold mark on the Fortnite world with their mad skills and never-give-up attitude!

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