Top 8 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Maps

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has breathtaking graphics, authentic weapon kickback, and new movement mechanics. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game that will transport you straight into the heat of battle. One of the main areas of criticism for Modern Warfare centers around the size of some maps, with some players feeling too large for standard gameplay. 

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However, others feel that these expansive maps add to the overall experience of the game. After all, the map design is the backbone of any great FPS. 

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So, the question is which maps in Modern Warfare are the best? 

Here are the eight very best that Modern Warfare has to offer:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the latest installment in the Call of Duty series, has brought an array of maps to the table. Furthermore, from small maps that call for intense action to large maps that demand strategy, there is a map for every player to enjoy. Here are seven maps that we think are worth your time.

8. Shoot House

call of duty modern warfare maps

Shoot House is a multiplayer map that was added during the early patches of Modern Warfare. This map quickly became a go-to map for players seeking an online game and was often featured in the 24/7 playlists.

Moreover, the map is set in a training facility which is an undisclosed location and was designed in the same vein as the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s map, Shipment. It is bigger and requires more strategy, making it an exciting map to play.

7. Crash

call of duty modern warfare maps

Originally introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The crash made its way back into the game during one of the mid-season updates.

Further, this remastered version of the classic map is visually stunning, and Infinity Ward did a fantastic job of recreating the map. If you’re looking for a classic map to play in the game, Crash is the one for you.

6. Hackney Yard

Hackney Yard is a classic three-lane style map that was one of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta maps.

The map has three distinct lanes that players typically follow as they play out the map. Making for equal action throughout the map while maintaining a steady flow of movement. The map is relatively smaller in size if we compare it to the other maps in Modern Warfare, making it a favorite among players.

5. Hovec Sawmill

Hovec Sawmill is the newest map on this list, added during Season 3 in April 2020. The map is based around an isolated Sawmill in Kastovia, 14 klicks outside of Venskaya, and features plenty of cover angles and points of interest.

The village that once surrounded the Sawmill was under siege, and the Sawmill caught fire. Partially collapsing and still smoking from the remaining embers. Both the Allegiance’s 12th Spetsnaz Brigade and the Coalition’s Delta Detachment of the SAS forces fought in the area.

4. Aniyah Palace

Aniyah Palace is one of the largest 10 v 10 multiplayer maps in the game. It is centered around a once astonishing palace that suffered destruction by warfare.

The action on this map is primarily found in or around the palace that is at the center of the map, giving players an intense experience.

3. Grazna Raid

Grazna Raid is another map that was a star in the COD Modern Warfare Beta. The map features multiple headshot angles for players to spot up and numerous corridors for close-range engagements, depending on the game mode.

The center of the map, where all of the destroyed buildings lay, is where players can find most of their enemies.

2. Gun Runner

Gun Runner looks like a once oil-mining complex and now it is a battlefield. The map blends the perfect mix of buildings for close-range engagements and long-distance ones. With the railyard on one half of the map and the forest area on one of the other sides.

Like most of the maps on this list, Gun Runner is a classic Call of Duty map that offers something for every player.

1. Piccadilly

The map called Piccadilly in Call of Duty Modern Warfare by Activision Publishing, Inc. takes place in the United Kingdom and is a smaller multiplayer map that has a lot of characters. In fact, it’s even the star of the second campaign mission in Modern Warfare.

This map is around a shopping district and has multiple buildings located on either side. These buildings have numerous stories and windows. And they’re all fixated on the iconic double-decker buses that the UK is famous for.

While players can’t get into these buses during gameplay, they offer excellent cover for avoiding enemies within the buildings.

Compared to other maps in multiplayer, Piccadilly is one of the darker ones. It doesn’t have a day or night version like some of the other maps, but the setting and attention to detail in this map are among the best in the game.


In conclusion, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers a diverse range of maps that cater to the needs of every player.

Whether you want to engage in intense action or apply strategic gameplay, these maps offer something for everyone. Give them a try and see which one becomes your favorite.

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