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Immerse yourself in the dynamic and captivating realm of Valencia, a town of passion, engage with its lively ensemble of habitats, and partake in thrilling encounters with creatures of all kinds.

As you progress, you’ll unravel the enigmatic chapters of your history, while mastering the art of wielding Pleasure as your tool of combat. Combining an unparalleled fusion of active engagement and narrative-based gameplay, Town of Passion stands as a memorable journey through the RPG genre!

town of passion

Town of Passion Cheat Codes

AutosaveUse it to enable/Disables the Autosave feature.
BlessingUse it to Bless you with 15 Goddess Coins.
InkedUse it for Mary’s Retro Look.
LokiKissUse it to Max’s out all trainable stats to level 5
ResetHerUse it to Reset character roles and names.
RoyaltyUse it to Change MC’s appearance to the Prince
SirenSezUse it to Reset all dialogue text to the original.

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