Triangle Strategy Characters Tier List

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure through Norzelia, or simply want to discover all the potential allies Serenoa can recruit? Look no further. Our Triangle Strategy characters guide will help you do so. It provides a brief overview of the squad you can gather as you strive to save the kingdom from tearing itself apart.

The type of leader you choose to be is crucial, so what’s it going to be?

In this Triangle Strategy characters guide, we’ll dive into the main story characters and recruits. Showing you exactly what it takes to meet and make friends with various characters you’ll meet.

Triangle Strategy Characters

Politics may divide the nation, but your actions and conviction can get some people to rally behind you. Strengthen your beliefs and make your own path.

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Here’s our friendly guide to the Triangle Strategy characters:

Main Triangle Strategy Characters

Serenoa Wolffort

Meet Serenoa, your main character in this adventure. He’s the heir to House Wolffort and will play a huge role in the upcoming war in Norzelia. Your actions, choices, and votes on the scales of conviction shape his personality. Generally, he’s a noble, caring, and pure leader who wants the best for everyone.

As the only son of Lord Symon Wolffort, Serenoa is a great fighter and is expected to carry on the family legacy. He’s betrothed to Frederica, which aims to strengthen the bond between Aesfrost and Glenbrook.

Roland Glenbrook

Roland is the prince and heir to Glenbrook. As a noble warrior and main character in Triangle Strategy, much of the story focuses on Roland’s birthright and the challenges he faces to keep his throne. Serenoa decides to help Roland, but that choice is tested throughout the story.

Known for his kind nature, Roland once saved Hughette Bucklar from riots, leading her to join the king’s guard and vow to protect him.

Frederica Aesfrost

Frederica first appears as she arrives at House Wolffort’s port with Geela Briesse, ready to plan her marriage to Serenoa. With her unique pink hair, she’s a Roselle—a group of people from Roselia now in servitude in Norzellia. Frederica’s father is the former archduke Zigmunt Aesfrost, but since her mother was his lover, she was born out of wedlock and is looked down upon.

Frederica hopes her marriage to Serenoa will bring peace to the nation, but as conflict arises, she follows Serenoa’s choices. Later on, she discovers more about her Rosellian roots, which tests her bond with Serenoa.

Benedict Pascal

Benedict is a brilliant tactician and House Wolffort’s steward. He fought alongside Lord Symon in the great saltiron war and his friend Erador Ballentine. His strategic genius has helped the Wolffort family win many battles, and he’s sworn to protect Serenoa.

During an attack on the Jackes clan’s village, Benedict showed compassion by giving proper burials to the fallen and even adopted a child from the village, Anna Pascal.

Hughette Buclar

Once a commoner and hawk-tamer, Hughette was inspired to become a warrior after Roland saved her. She joined Glenbrook’s king’s guard and now stands by Roland’s side.

As a hawkbow, she uses her mount to cover great distances in battle, making her excellent for ranged attacks.

Geele Breisse

A physician from Hyzante, Geele left the oppressive nation to serve Aesfrost and became Frederica’s tutor. Initially cold towards Frederica, Geele grew to like her and now serves as her mentor and friend. Her healing abilities and magical prowess make her a valuable ally.

Anna Pascal

Born to the enemy Jackes clan, Anna’s village and family were attacked by House Wolffort. Benedict took her in and trained her as a warrior to protect the Wolffort family. Under his guidance, she became a skilled spy. Though she seeks the truth about her past, she loves and respects Benedict as a father.

Erador Ballentine

A soldier and close friend of Lord Symon and Benedict Pascal, Erador fought under House Wolffort during the saltiron wars.

His brute force and role as a shield master make him a valuable asset. Erador’s lighthearted and jovial nature keeps spirits up throughout the main campaign.

Triangle Strategy Characters: Story Recruits

Corentin Jenner – To recruit him, choose to visit Hyzante in chapter three.

Rudolph Mueller – To have him join your team, pick Aesfrost in chapter three.

Triangle Strategy Characters: Story Spoiler Recruits

Maxwell Trier – Gain 750 morality and 1,050 liberty points by chapter fifteen to recruit him.

Milo Yuelle – Visit Symon in chapter fifteen to add Milo to your team.

Trish – To recruit her, protect Roselle in chapter eleven, and investigate Roselle’s village in chapter fifteen.

Travis – To have him join, surrender Roselle in chapter eleven and investigate Roselle’s village in chapter fifteen.

Cordelia Glenbrook – Address the royalists in chapter fifteen to recruit Cordelia.

Avlora – To recruit her, make sure you’re on the golden route.

Triangle Strategy Characters: Optional recruits

This table shows the characters you can recruit, along with the morality, liberty, or utility points needed to encounter them during your journey.

As you make choices, help people, and vote on the scales of conviction throughout Norzellia, these points are added to Serenoa’s conviction. The characters will appear on your map as you progress, provided you have enough points. Interact with them to add them to your party.

That wraps it up, folks! We’ve covered all the Triangle Strategy characters and how to find them. If you’re looking to discover the elusive true ending and those secret characters, don’t forget to check out our Triangle Strategy golden route guide. It’ll help you find the path to true peace in the kingdom of Norzellia.

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