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Release Date: March 28, 2019

Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Available Platforms: Mac, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux

Rating: PEGI 16

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Earn Money (Trade Advice)

Trade sectors are primarily where you will want to concentrate on money-making, with specific sectors turning out more lucrative based on the era.

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Rum is one industry that should yield profits irrespective of the era. You’ll have the essential elements – the Rum Distillery and the Plantation (for sugar production) – already unlocked from the beginning, making it an excellent starting point to generate a steady income stream.

Establishing a Shipyard is advisable, though it requires a Lumber Mill to supply it and Logging Camps for timber. The shipbuilding process is slow, meaning this industry can’t be your sole income source.

The clothing industry is another profitable avenue, primarily due to its low overheads. The required materials are both affordable and renewable, enabling mass production at a minimal cost.

As you advance into modern times, consider investing in the more expensive industries. Despite their high initial costs, they can yield substantial profits.

After setting up your industries, you can engage in trade deals. These deals improve your relationships with other countries, and while they may not be immediately profitable, they are beneficial in the long run. Once relations improve, import prices decrease, enabling you to strike new deals to import low-cost items and sell them for profit.

World Wonders To Acquire – Tropico 6 Cheat Codes

There are 17 World Wonders to acquire, which involves sending raids to foreign countries to steal their wonders.

To execute raids, you’ll need a raid building. Here Tropico 6 Cheat Codes can be helpful. The raid buildings include Pirate Cove, Commando Garrison, Spy Academy, and Cyber Operations Center. Each building enables different raids (and corresponding World Wonders) and can be constructed depending on your current era. Workers at these facilities earn raid points, which can be used to deploy agents on raids.

Details of raids and their respective benefits are as follows:

Pirate Cove Raids:

Stonehenge – Reduces pollution by promoting tree growth, and enhances tourism and entertainment ratings.

Hagia Sophia – Citizens do not die from a lack of medical treatment.

Registan of Samarkand – Citizens born here receive a high school education.

Brandenburg Gate – Prevents visitors from adopting extremist views.

Commando Garrison Raids:

Taj Mahal – Visitors contribute to your treasury.

Eiffel Tower – Radio and TV stations broadcast across the entire region, boosts tourism and entertainment ratings.

Moai Heads – Increases boat speed.

Hikone Castle – Enhances the strength and durability of your buildings.

Spy Academy Raids:

Statue of Liberty – Immigrants enjoy maximum happiness.

Great Sphinx – Enhances tourism and entertainment ratings.

Colosseum of Rome – Visitors’ happiness is influenced only by food and entertainment.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Visitors with low happiness receive a boost to another happiness parameter.

Cyber Operations Center Raids:

The Great Pyramid of Giza – Increases builders’ work speed by 50%, and enhances tourism ratings.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Boosts tourism prices and extends tourists’ stay.

Temple of Heaven – Increases the effectiveness of Plantations and Hydroponic Plantations, enhancing tourism ratings as well.

Winter Palace – Directs rebels’ attacks to itself instead of the President’s palace, improves tourism ratings.

White House – Reduces edict and upkeep costs by 50%.

Basic Tips

Utilize the Overview tab for a quick summary of crucial details about your country. It displays your international relations, population statistics, potential threats, and more. While other tabs provide detailed information, the Overview tab gives you an at-a-glance update to identify immediate issues.

Initially, concentrate on developing the primary island. Expanding your territory across multiple islands brings additional transportation costs, so focus on developing a single island until you have sufficient funds for expansion.

Ensure affordable housing options for your citizens. Begin with budget-friendly housing and progress to more luxurious options as wealthier citizens move into your country.

Establish a Library as early as possible, available from the Colonial Era. The Library will store your Knowledge Points, which you should start accumulating early to have a larger reserve for the future.

Provide ample options for convenient commuting to work. Citizens often prefer less expensive housing if it’s closer to their workplaces.

Consider this when setting up rent-free housing for citizens who can’t afford rent. Ensure these houses are located at a considerable distance from workplaces to discourage rent-paying citizens from choosing them.

Construct the Teamster’s Office near your industries and Teamster’s Port for efficient transportation across your facilities.

Some buildings have an operational range, indicated by a blue radius when you select the building. This range is critical, so strategically place these buildings to maximize their coverage.

Install Fire Stations to prepare for natural disasters. While disaster types vary, all can result in fires. The frequency of such disasters depends on your difficulty setting.

Avoid the temptation to construct too many buildings simultaneously. Ensure you have enough workers for each building. Don’t overload your construction plans until your population size increases.

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