Turffield Treasure: Where to Find it in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

Are you playing Pokemon Sword & Shield and want to find the Turffield Treasure

Well, I have a guide that can help you out. Knowing how to get the turffield treasure can make your game more exciting and enjoyable. 

The Turffield Treasure is a valuable item that is hidden in the game, and it can be challenging to find. But, with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to locate it easily. The Pokemon Turffield Riddle is a puzzle that you need to solve to get the Expert Belt.

Getting the Turffield Treasure can be a fun challenge, and it’s definitely worth the effort. So why not give it a try and see where to find Turffield Treasure Riddle In Pokemon Sword & Shield? Follow the guide and discover the treasure for yourself.

Pokemon Turffield Riddle

It’s not difficult to find Turffield Treasure in the Pokemon Sword & Shield. The first step is to access the Town Map option and select Turffield. You’ll see that it’s located between Route 4 and Route 5, which you can easily identify on the map.

Once you reach Turffield, solving the Turffield Riddle is the next step to finding the treasure. Turffield Stadium is a location where you can participate in Gym Battles and earn Grass Badges.

turffield treasure

Grass Standing Stones

Afterward, you’ll need to locate three big stones, known as the Grass Standing Stones. These stones are near a flower shop, so keep an eye out for them. Once you find them, it’s time to interact with them. 

After that, it’s time to head to the Water Standing Stones.

turffield treasure

Water Standing Stones

Firstly, take a right when you pass the flower shop. After that, just keep going straight until you come across a left turn. Once you turn left, you should be able to find a stand near the Water Standing Stones.

turffield treasure

Fire Standing Stones

Your last stop is the Fire Standing Stones. To get there, you need to head back toward the flower shop. But this time, don’t turn left towards the shop. Instead, keep going straight until you see a big stone. 

Now, it’s time to receive an amazing prize, the Expert Belt.

turffield treasure

Turffield Pokemon – Conclusion

To sum it up, finding the Turffield Treasure in Pokemon Sword & Shield can be an exciting challenge, and it’s definitely worth the effort. The Turffield Treasure hunt involves solving a Turffield Puzzle to find the Expert Belt.

The journey involves finding three sets of standing stones, namely the Grass Standing Stones, Water Standing Stones, and Fire Standing.

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