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Warcraft 2 is a classic strategy game that was first launched in 1995. It quickly became a sensation in the gaming world due to its exciting storyline and engaging gameplay.

Serving as a sequel to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, this game continues the epic war saga between the human forces of Azeroth and the Orcish Hordes. It involves resource collection and army building, with the ultimate aim of defeating the enemy side.

Even years after its release, thousands of gamers worldwide still find it captivating.

One interesting feature of Warcraft 2 is the inclusion of cheat codes. These special command phrases can help players gain advantages in the game, such as extra resources or unique abilities. To use a cheat code, you simply hit the enter key, type the code, and then press enter again.

Below are the cheat codes for the PlayStation 1 and PC versions of the game, organized in tabular form for easy reference.

Warcraft 2

Warcraft 2 PS1 Cheat Codes

HTCHTXNSCut lumber in 2 chops
THRCNBNLEnd the game
NVRWNNRRemoves the victory, allowing you to play forever
VIDZQuick oil load
VRYLTTLMagic Upgrade
TSGDDYTDMake your character invisible
NSCRNReveal the map
MKTSYou and your opponent build ultra fast
DCKMTBuild all the buildings
GLTTRNGMore gold, timber, and oil
TSGDDYTDEnable God Mode
YPTFLWRMLose the level
NTTSCLNSWin the current level

Warcraft 2 PC Cheat Codes

NogluesDisable magical traps
Orc# (1,2)Warp to orc scenario #
Human# (1,2)Warp to human scenario #
SwapmasksFog of war
LumberTwo chops to harvest lumber
FastbuildForces fast construction
ShowmapShow the map code
GodEnable god mode
CashGet lots of gold, lumber, oil, and ore
TitleEnable or disable cheat codes during multiplayer games
AllowsyncAllow surrender in multiplayer games
Never a winnerRemove the victory sequence and keep playing
You pitiful wormInstant defeat
FastdemoDemo start faster
NetprofDisplay network performance
DayDisplay “fief” on screen
UCLADisplay “Go Bruins” on screen
On screenReveal the map
ShowpathReveal map, not in multiplayer
There can be only oneQuick ending
HatchetCut lumber in 2 chops
Unite the clansSkip the level
Tigerlily XWarp to level X
Every little thing she doesUpgrade mages all the way
Deck me outUpgrade everything
SpycobGet 5000 oil
ValdezGet 5000 oil
Glittering prizesGet 10000 gold, 5000 lumber, and oil

Whether you’re playing on a PlayStation 1 or a PC, these cheat codes can add a new layer of fun to your Warcraft 2 gaming experience. So the next time you’re in the heat of battle, why not try entering a few codes and see what happens?

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